Before Sunday – new single “Tzitziki feat” @Eleni Nota Drums

Produced by: Kristian Møller-Munar 

Co produced by: Nik Basis, Stella Panteloudi 

Mixed by Kristian Møller-Munar 

Video by Tony ‘Telepriest’ Huber 

Mastered by Siopis Masters 

Vocals: Stella Panteloudi 

Guitars: Nik Basis 

Drums: Eleni Nota 

Bass: George Paul 

“Tzitziki” is the band’s first single taken from their new upcoming album. 

This epic anthem leans heavily into the emotions of rage and its effects on one’s motivations to succeed. 

It’s ‘random’ lyrics and the ‘rehearsal’ vibe makes it interesting for us. We had fun with this one! Hope you like it! 

Special thanks to the amazing Eleni Nota!