Belgium Rock Project 22 for Silicon Alone Presents “Flagrants Délices” Lyric Video

Presents “Flagrants Délices” Lyric Video: A Captivating Fusion of Sound and Visuals

Watch the “Flagrants Délices” official lyrics video here:

The song “Flagrants Délices” is a testament to 22 For Silicon Alone’s distinctive style. It features an enthralling ostinato, with a wild violin, frenzied piano, and psychedelic guitar intertwining to create a sonic tapestry that will transport listeners to another realm. At the forefront, Alexis delivers his commanding vocals, infusing the composition with raw power and emotion. The lyrics, explored in French, delve into the contrast between absurd poetry and stark reality. The title itself cleverly plays with the French idiom “être pris en flagrant délit,” which translates to “to be caught in the act,” and the notion of delight. The song leaves us with a celestial taste of tango, inviting listeners to lose themselves in its intoxicating rhythms.

Directed, shot, and edited by the visionary Alexis Pfrimmer, the “Flagrants Délices” lyric video is a work of visual artistry that breathes life into the music. Produced by Lachesis Records in collaboration with Le Voyage des Koumoul, this production showcases the exceptional talents of a dedicated team. Head of Production and Assistant Director, Floriane Desperier, flawlessly brings the creative vision to life, while the stunning performances of Eliana Stragapede and Alexis Pfrimmer add depth and intrigue to the narrative. The artistry is further elevated by Pierre-Louis Graizon’s stunning headpiece, Jean Malbezin’s skillful makeup artistry, and the technical expertise of William Gouzien (drone operator) and Nicolas Nouhaud (camera operator). The collective effort results in a visual masterpiece that perfectly complements the song’s essence.

22 For Silicon Alone has been praised for its unique sound and captivating live performances. Their music is known for pushing boundaries and challenging conventions, making them a must-see act for fans of experimental music.

“Flagrants Délices” is a track taken from 22 for Silicon Alone’s highly acclaimed album, “Only Dark Matters,” released via Epictronic Records.

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