Today marks the release of Scriptures, the 8th studio recording from Death Metal Pioneers BENEDICTION from Birmingham, UK. This is the first new album since 2008 (produced by Scott Atkins at Grindstone Studio in England), it`s available in your favorite store in several formats and you can stream it on any platform.

To celebrate the release the band drops a new single and video for the opening track “Iterations Of I”

Darren Brookes gives some insights about the track: “The last song Dave Ingram featured on in BENEDICTION was ‘I’. That was the last song on “Grind Bastard”. The first song on Scriptures is this one, ‘Iterations of I’ and it’s a continuation of that song and therefore was put first on the new album. I guess it’s a bridge between the two eras of BENEDICTION with Dave at the helm. Plus it’s a cracker to open with, it’s got all of BENEDICTION`s trademark qualities in one song, from fast and brutal to slow and powerful.” 

The video was shot in an abandoned factory building on the outskirts of Sheffield, in the North of England. Directed by Dan Hart / Light Engine Films.

BENEDICTION is BACK! And they are better than EVER!

Below is the tracklisting for Scriptures:
1.           Iterations Of I
2.           Scriptures In Scarlet
3.           The Crooked Man
4.           Stormcrow
5.           Progenitors Of A New Paradigm
6.           Rabid Carnality
7.           In Our Hands, The Scars
8.           Tear Off These Wings
9.           Embrace The Kill
10.         Neverwhen
11.         The Blight At The End
12.         We Are Legion

Listen to Scriptures:

Darren Brookes – guitar
Peter Rew – guitar
Dave Ingram – vocals
Dan Bate – bass
Giovanni Durst – drums