BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME Release New Music Video For “Millions”; New Album, Automata (Part One) Out Today

BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME Release New Music Video For “Millions”; New Album, Automata (Part One) Out Today

One of progressive metal’s most ground-breaking and innovative artists is unquestionably BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME, who after 15 years as a band continues to push themselves to new dimensions with their song-writing. The newest accomplishment, adding to their vast catalog, is the conceptual, two-part, epic album, Automata, as Part I was officially released today through their new label Sumerian Records. Head over now to for all additional information and remaining headlining tour-dates. NEW BAND PHOTO ATTACHED.

The breathtaking new music video for “Millions” can be viewed now

Tommy Rogers (vocals, keyboards) states: “The song, ‘Millions,’ is told from the perspective of a child dealing with loss. However, in the video we wanted it to be a platform that represents the entire album and the main protagonist’s many faces he wears. It represents what is contained within the album and hopefully it will urge the listener to dive into the story of Automata.”

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