Big Iron D – Madness Album Review

Big Iron D – Madness

Album Review By Rainer Kerber

Big Iron D were founded in 2011. Asked what probably means the “D” in the band name, there was no answer yet. So, everyone who likes, can come up with their own interpretation. Like many other bands, Big Iron D started as a cover band. But soon the musicians started to write their own songs. In the early days, the Russians had a male singer. But like many other bands, there were also various line-up changes. Suddenly the band stood without a singer during the recording of the album. Many singers were tested. But most could not reach the high demands of the musicians, except for one – Anastasia Prokudina. Even after that, the recordings went on for several years. But since March of this year you can hear the result.

The very first song “Loony Bin” is mentioned as a listening tip in the press info. And yes, punchy Sabbath Memorial riffs, down tuned guitars and especially the Dio like voice of singer Anastasia Prokudina provide heavy metallic treat. An awesome midtempo song as an entry. Also, in the balladesk starting “Calling Heavy Metal” one is reminded of the role models (Black Sabbath, Rainbow and especially Dio). When you can hear that class guitar solo, the eyes of every metal fan shine. And that’s exactly what the Russians are doing, whether with the mid-tempo anthem “Suffering In The Dark”, the bike rocker “Fast Rider” or the speed banger “Vampire”. For a change you can hear contemplative tones, the beautiful semi-acoustic ballad “You And Me”, without ever sounding cheesy. This is, among other things, the merit of the powerful voice of Anastasia. “Рок & Ром” is one of two songs the band presents in their native language (next to the bouncer “Ведьма”). Musically but also vocally I always have to think of the Polish band Crystal Viper and their singer Marta Gabriel. “Night Woman” surprises with its progressive direction, with melody and rhythm changes as well as various sound experiments. And that with a playing time of just 3:46. And the song does not sound cluttered.

One thing you can say with certainty, for the album “Madness”, the long time in the studio has paid off. Big Iron D have released a varied Oldschool Metal album here. No song is like the other. And singer Anastasia Prokudina is a true stroke of luck. What does this woman have for a golden voice? If they can continue to work in peace with this lineup, you can certainly expect a lot. For me, Big Iron D is much more than just an insider tip.

Big Iron D – Fast Rider:


Anastasia Prokudina – Vocals
Vladimir Nevretdinov – Lead Guitar
Vyacheslav Krasikov – Guitar
Mikhail Timashov – Bass
Alexander Dmitriev – Drums

Label: Self distributed

Out: March 28th 2019

Playing time: 42:01

Track list:

  • Loony Bin
  • Calling Heavy Metal
  • Suffering In The Dark
  • Fast Rider
  • Vampire
  • You And Me
  • Рок & Ром
  • Night Woman
  • Ведьма

Rating : 8.5/10

MHF Magazine/Rainer Kerber