Black metal/synthwave NIGHTED release new self-titled single

Black metal synthwave duo Nighted
stream new self-titled single

New project of Ivo Henzi (Cellar Darling, ex-Eluveitie)

Credit: Manuel Vargaz Lepiz

Nighted, the new genre-bending black metal synthwave duo, have streamed their third single, the eponymous ‘Nighted’.

Stream ‘Nighted’ here:

Watch the video for ‘Nighted’ here:

Nighted are Ivo Henzi (vocals, guitars – ex-EluveitieCellar Darling, Forest Of Fog) and Marc Petralito (synths, Appearance Of Nothing). One late and misty summer night, in the enforced lockdown of 2020, the two struck on the idea of mixing black metal with 70s-era synth, à la Blade Runner and Jean-Michel Jarre: and Nighted is the result. 

‘Nighted’ is the third single from Nighted‘s forthcoming album Absence, released this coming Autumn. In the words of the group, it “is an ode to the night. A confession of love to all the wondrous, the awe and the deep abysses of the night.” It follows their previous singles ‘Acronyc‘ and ‘Aeons‘.

Absence was recorded, mixed and mastered by Anna Murphy (Cellar Darling, ex-Eluveitie) at Lucerne’s Sound Farm Studio, with drums performed by session drummer Dylan Watson (Kassogtha). Nighted are signed to the newly-formed heavy music label Klang Machine Records, co-founded by drummer and artist manager Merlin Sutter.

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