Black Sheets Of Rain – ‘In The Eye Of The Storm’ Album Review

Black Sheets Of Rain – ‘In The Eye Of The Storm’

Album Review By Adam McCann

W.A.R. Productions/Heavy Metal

Black Sheets Of Rain (BSOR) are formed from members of Atomkraft and See Red among others and have been a very busy bunch, having taken the last few years extensively performing shows and building a loyal fanbase, but now the band are finally ready to release their debut EP ‘In The Eye Of The Storm’.

Considering the pedigree within BSOR camp, ‘In The Eye…’ is not initially gripping, floating somewhere between traditional heavy metal, NWOBHM and hard rock, this EP manages to flirt within these boundaries without showing an all-out commitment to any one sound. On initial listens, vocalist Rich Davenport’s voice manages to force this EP to sound somewhat like late 1970’s Judas Priest demo tapes; however, with further listens, ‘In The Eye…’ actually becomes very endearing, tracks such as ‘Force Of Habit’ and ‘Weight Of Shadows’ are lyrically, very powerful detailing personal struggles all delivered through some pounding drums and biting guitars. Yet, the inclusion Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan during the song ‘No Rest’ with its pounding ‘Am I Evil’ style titanic riffing adds some much-needed light-hearted balance to some heavy topics.

‘In The Eye…’ is a good place for this band to start, there are some great traditional heavy metal ideas here that will hopefully be expanded on with a full length studio album.

Rating : 66/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann