Blackened death metallers The Dark Alamorté release new single ‘Tusk In The Abyss’

Blackened death metallers The Dark Alamorté release new single ‘Tusk In The Abyss’

Lunacrium Thepsis out 20th May via Unique Leader Records

Blackened-death metallers The Dark Alamorté have released their new single ‘Tusk In The Abyss’. The track is the third to be released from their upcoming record Lunacrium Thepsis, since signing to Unique Leader RecordsLunacrium Thepsis,a crushing mix of ambient death metal, fusing bleak and melancholic atmospherics with a dense wave of brutality, will be released on 20th May.

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The Dark Alamorté are defined as pluralised entities that are half dead beings, who act as an augur of divine prophecy. Lunacrium Thepsis is the beginning of a saga series, produced through literary, musical, and personal art forms. The term loosely translates to “a freezing state in the presence of moonlight”.

Commenting on the upcoming album, the band state:
“The album is told in both first and third person, creating a journey that interlaces vulnerability and aggression, coated as weakness and strength in its rawest form. Surrender the mortal self and walk alongside the main character. Our tale begins within the black shadows of Realm Vekrifinor during the First Age of Brinic. Life after the great battle War Blazar was known as The Trial of Black Mourning. Before the great battle dwelled an entity beyond the thorn gate, far beyond the black end. No value of life existed; laid in the slumber of abhorrence. An underlying purpose of a lifeline born to have meaning – or none at all.”

Each track tells a chapter of how the main character reaches Lunacrium Thepsis, who many believe is the path to salvation. Will our hero follow the path to glory? Or will he succumb to the ferocious fear and inadequacy of the ill-fated mortal? This stoic and impassive chronicle introduces suspense, eagerness, violence, and wonder in a world with a fractured beginning. Caught in the crossfire with a life of torment.

Traversing the realms of a genre that has been rehashed and redesigned many times, The Dark Alamorté confronts black metal’s conventional soundscape by weaving in their own brand of ambience and death metal. An ethereal avalanche that threaten to consume you as ghostly melodies carry the listener away on a wave of dissonant bliss. Accompanied with unrelenting drums and devastating vocals, The Dark Alamorté will leave you with a haunting memory.

The Dark Alamorté are: 
Josh Franco-Zavala: Vocals
Jacob Franco-Zavala: Guitar
Manny Calvillo: Drums
Fabian Limon: Bass

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Lunacrium Thepsis tracklist: 1. The Inner Quiet 
2. Cast Into Froth
3. Gowns of Undying Light 
4. Vongrimson Burrows 
5. A Loathing Tomb 
6. Glasshaven 
7. Tempest Barren Furor
8. Inmergo Dominium
9. Antediluvian Revelation 
10. Infernal Judgement
11. Ungiving Sorrow
12. Tusk In The Abyss
13. Fearfeeder 
14. Scourge of Fire
15. Lunacrium Thepsis