BLESSED CURSE Bring The Thrash Attack On “Throne Of Bones”

BLESSED CURSE Bring The Thrash Attack
On “Throne Of Bones”

New Album, “Pray For Armageddon,” Coming In August; Pre-Order Now

BLESSED CURSE release the new single and lyric video for “Throne of Bones,” the second sampling of the Nor Cal group’s anticipated new album. Recognized for their deadly thrash metal the trio strike back with another ruthless outing filled with crunchy guitars, bellowing vocals and hammering drums complimented by a lyric video created by Raf Orteaga at Ecliptic Visions (Ayreon, The Absence, Hecate Enthroned) which can be viewed HERE while the digital single is on all streaming/download platforms.
’Throne of Bones’ is a malicious track about an individual who meets with a witch that teaches you how to change your physical form into something sinister to get away with brutal murders,” explains guitarist/vocalist Tyler Satterlee. “With this power this person literally constructs a throne of bones of his enemies deep in the woods, gleefully sitting upon a bloody chair of vengeance.
“’Throne of Bones’ is one of those tracks that has a great end cap feel to it,” furthers drummer Derek Bean. “Finalizing the album, it definitely brings an intense closure to an intense record. Loaded with all the dark imagery, heavy riffing and pounding double bass that the band is known for I couldn’t be happier with how the song delivers on all of the B.C. strong points. All the while it is still pushing the boundaries of what we do to keep progressing with heavy music without abandoning what we’re all about.
Throne of Bones” follows up “Street Freaks,” the first self-released song the Sacramento-based outfit issued last year as work began on what eventually became the anticipated new full-length, ‘Pray For Armageddon.’ Anticipated because it’s been 6 long years since BLESSED CURSE released the ‘Beware Of The Night’ EP, and 11 since the group’s full-length self-titled debut. Productivity and output hasn’t been the band’s forte, but their core metal belief and dedication is and the band has played all over Northern California plying their trade and fans continue to support and anxiously await more new music.

That reality is becoming clearer as today we launch pre-orders for ‘Pray For Armageddon’ featuring ten new songs planned for an August 11th international release on CD and Digital, and for the first time on vinyl with 300 transparent orange copies being pressed. Pre-Order now HERE

’Pray For Armageddon’ is about sadistic religious impatience caused by sorcery. A shortcut to Judgement Day, three lycanthropic prophets invoke a global curse causing all people to commit horrific sin instantly everywhere. Triggering the maker’s wrathful punishment, our world is quickly ‘cleansed’ by sky-high waves of flame and destruction,” eerily adds Tyler.
Pray For Armageddon’ was produced by the band and recorded, mixed and mastered by Joe Johnston at Sacramento’s Pus Cavern Studios (Will Haven, Silversun Pickups, Dance Gavin Dance) and once again features the cover art of Marc Sasso (Dio, Morbid Angel, Halford).
We were very fortunate to once again work with the amazing Marc Sasso, who also did our 2012 debut album artwork,” furthers Tyler. “Once again featuring the BC Beast ‘Larry.’ He was able to bring our apocalyptic vision to life showcasing three beast prophets overlooking a major city being obliterated after their wicked spell angers the Almighty… Btw, Larry is named after the Universal Monster character Larry Talbot, who tragically becomes cursed in the 1941 classic ‘The Wolf Man.’”
BLESSED CURSE recently extended their relationship with M-Theory Audio, although being a cornerstone artist of the label, with band members Derek Bean and Tyler Satterlee being friends with label founder Marco Barbieri going back 15 years. Marco handled their music publishing administration and shopped their demos for a record deal, landing the group one with European label Cyclone Empire. Since that label had no US partner Marco activated M-Theory Audio as a way for the band to sell a CD domestically, resulting in the self-titled debut album in 2012.
BLESSED CURSE is part of this century’s ushering in of a new generation raised on classic ‘80s thrash and metal. Tired and uninspired by nu music but having access to the Internet and a treasure trove of legacy, band members eventually formed outfits like Warbringer, Toxic Holocaust, Municipal Waste, Fueled By Fire, Bonded By Blood, Havok, Merciless Death, Hatchet and yes, BLESSED CURSE (initially known as Devastator) all began as young bands in the same time period influenced by past heroes and creating original music of their own. Releasing demos and playing shows up and down CA, BLESSED CURSE gained traction as part of this next wave leading to the eventual debut album release and follow-up US tour.
While band members have matured from reckless teens to functioning adults BLESSED CURSE continue to play live and stick to their ideals creating vicious thrash metal. This will be brought to the fore when ‘Pray For Armageddon’ releases this summer.
More information on BLESSED CURSE, their forthcoming album, and additional live shows will be revealed in the months to come by M-Theory Audio and at
Tyler Satterlee – vocals/guitars
Derek Bean – drums
Colin Kyger – bass
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