Borders Share “Suffer” Video

PHOTO: Oli Duncanson


What do you get when you toss ferocious, hard-hitting metalcore in a blender with elements of hip-hop, grime, hardcore, and alternative metal — and then finish it off with a dash of introspection and brazen, no-holds-barred energy?

You get Borders, a young but driven collective hellbent on taking the heavy music community by storm with an onslaught of thought-provoking, sinister, and brutally aggressive tracks. 

Today, they have shared the video for “Suffer.” Watch it here.

“‘Suffer is a protest anthem about the state of our ruling class, politicians, and the 1% who openly break laws while they face little-to-no consequences from the police,” the band says. “These same police also power trip through covert prejudice towards people of color. We all want to stand up and do something about it, and while it’s very easy to ‘sit back and neglect it,’ this is a call-to-arms to stop letting yourself suffer at the hands of the pigs in charge.”

Borders previously dropped the video for “NWWM,” featuring Dropout Kings. Before that, they shared the video for “Fade to Black.” 

From taking the UK’s live music scene by storm supporting legendary deathcore act Martyr Defiled on their last run to their immersive and conceptual debut, 2019’s Purify, Borders are well on their way to making themselves a staple in the underground heavy music community — a goal sure to be achieved with their addition to Arising Empire’s ever-growing roster.

Jordan Olifent — Vocals
Gavin Burton — Guitar/Vocals
Tom Britton — Bass
Dan Hodson— Drums