Brightlight City ‘The Harmony & The Chaos’ Album Review

Brightlight City ‘The Harmony & The Chaos’

Album Review By Adam McCann

Undead Collective Records/Alternative Rock/Post-Hardcore/Emo

Brightlight City managed to steal the hearts of the music community back in 2017 with their EP ‘Our Future’s Not Dead’ and from the relative success of this EP, the wait began for the south England band to release their highly anticipated debut album ‘The Harmony & The Chaos’.

Not surprisingly, ‘The Harmony…’ does not disappoint and just like their debut EP, this album perfectly blends the line between indie, pop, alternative rock, post-hardcore and emo. This mixture has the ability to make Brightlight City exceptionally accessible to fans of very different music types. Yet, ‘The Harmony…’ does not sound disjointed and it has been coupled with a professional pop production that makes this album exceptionally pleasing to listen to. Although ‘The Harmony…’ would massively appeal to fans of Hundred Reasons, Thrice, Reuben and even Lostprophets; the superb production allows the band to move around their alternative rock foundation, effortlessly sliding repeating guitar melodies into the soundscape. There is no better example of this than during the scathing ‘Feast On Fear’ which has all the appeal of Biffy Clyro and Foo Fighters, whilst ‘Who You Are’ has all the social lyrical integrity of Frank Turner. In fact, the only downside to this album are the two thirty second musical interludes, they don’t actually add anything to this album. However, ‘Beneath The Tidal Wave’ does have all the hallmarks of the introduction to ‘My Last Serenade’ by Killswitch Engage!

Fans of these genres will certainly love ‘The Harmony…’ and those who have a passing interest will undoubtedly sucked in with this bands memorable catchy chorus’. There are definitely big things afoot for this band, get ‘em whilst they’re hot!

Rating: 80/100

MHF Magzine/Adam McCann