Brisbane Alt-Metallers KRAVE Announce EP ‘Inner Asylum’ & Release New Single ‘Puppet’


Brisbane Alt-Metallers Announce EP ‘Inner Asylum’ & Release New Single ‘Puppet’

Brisbane Alt-Metal Trio KRAVE announce their sophomore EP ‘Inner Asylum’ due for release on October 8th and release their energetic new single ‘Puppet’. Delivering a pertinent message about navigating a petulant inner critic, KRAVE bare it all in this aggressive, high-octane rock anthem!  

This dynamic single showcases the trio’s signature infusion of alternative rock and metal sound that expertly interweaves raw and emotive melodies with heavy hitting groove. The band builds and resolves tension seamlessly by creating a push and pull between all instruments and Siana Davis’s powerhouse vocals that deliver gut wrenching melodies with full gusto. Dancing between raw angst, frustration and ultimately empowerment from breaking the cycle and taking control of ones own mental health, ‘Puppet’ is a chant-along stadium ready tune sure to get your fists pumping in the air!

Davis speaks on the new single “When I wrote the lyrics for ‘Puppet’, my story originated from the concept of negative inner dialogue and the disturbing conviction that personal demons manage to hold over your head. This discovery of falling victim to ideations of brainwashing was influential to write about lyrically. The thought that at some point in this barbarak dialogue, all you become is a slave and ‘puppet’ to the darkness casts a light on what many people have gone through in their lives. This song is about feeling utterly manipulated to the point of becoming delusional and forgetting the fact that your own mind has its own opinion separate from the made up negative dialogue”

Following a successful release of their debut EP ‘Self Exposure’ which garnered the band global airplay and coverage, KRAVE are an up and coming band to keep you eyes on. Back with a brand new EP in matter of months, KRAVE are the epitome of hard working virtuosic musicians proving that even a global pandemic will not stop them!

‘Puppet’ is Out Now via
‘Inner Asylum’ is available for Physical Pre-Orders via

1. Puppet
2. Livin’ On
3. Anxiety
4. Red Flag
5. Take Your Bow

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