Broken Side is a new age hard rock band with a dash of progressive influences.

“Best original rock music out of Knoxville since 10 Years” Broken Side – from Knoxville, Tennessee is bringing their version of Hard Rock to the scene.  A balance of melody, heavy bass, soaring guitar tones, and tasteful drumming has brought this band to the forefront of the rock scene.  For fans of Sevendust, Tremonti, and Tool.  Songs written with the complex emotional ability to grip the listener and leave them wanting more.  This five piece band has been writing music that they love for the past three years while opening for national acts including Drowning Pool, Saving Able, and Saliva.  The music is deep, and a step away from the generic, which is exactly what draws their fans. 

Jesse Thacker
Jonathan Crawford
John Wiest
Skylar Gratz
Justin Myers