Brutal slam death metallers Organectomy release new single ‘The Third Mutation’

Organectomy release new single ‘The Third Mutation’

New album Nail Below Nail will be released 8th July via Unique Leader Records

Image credit: Ollie Hudson

Brutal slam death-metallers Organectomy have released ‘The Third Mutation’, the second single to be taken from their forthcoming full-length album Nail Below Nail, which isset for release via Unique Leader Records on 8th July. 

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Nail Below Nail is a bludgeoning slab of slamming death metal which takes a deep dive inside a sadistic sci-fi horror tale of incomprehensible violence and destruction. Lyrically themed around visions of gore, excess, and torture, as well as the extreme lengths the human mind will go to when faced with entities beyond its dimensional perception. The album’s monolithic riffs wrap themselves around endless realms of mountainous groove and atmosphere in an impressive demonstration of skill and songwriting that never compromises on brutality. 

Once again the band teamed up with mix/master titan Miguel Tereso of Demigod Recordings with drums recorded by Troy Kelly at The Armoury Recording Studio in Wellington, New Zealand. Guitars, bass and vocals were recorded by Alex Paul and Sam McRobert. The stunning artwork was created by Par Olofsson and photography by Ollie Hudson.

Hailing from Christchurch City, New Zealand, Organectomy have been an unstoppable force at the forefront of New Zealand’s slam and death metal scenes since first hitting the stage more than a decade ago.

Formed in 2010 Organectomy’s brand of ‘Brutal Slamming Death Metal’ incorporates many aspects of the death metal spectrum, from old school to technical, fusing it with modern slam into a twisted, decimating cacophony of pure brutality.  

Following a few early demos and an EP, the band released their acclaimed debut album, Domain of the Wretched in 2017 and then signed to Unique Leader Records. In 2019 the band followed up with the release of their sophomore album Existential Disconnect and embarked on a tour of the U.S.A and Canada.

Entering the studio in 2021 to begin work on their third album, Nail Below Nail will see release this year via Unique Leader, and with an added line up change, Organectomy are ready to forge a new era for the band.

Having shared stages with Fleshgod ApocalypseCattle DecapitationArchspireAbortedVulvodynia and many more and with a full touring schedule ahead of them, Organectomy are poised to give you a taste of the carnage yet to come. 

Organectomy are:
Matt Bolch – Guitar
Tyler Jordan – Bass
Alex Paul – Vocals
Sam McRobert – Guitar
Levi Sheehan – Drums

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1. Concrete
2. Nail Below Nail
3. Cult of Excess
4. The Third Mutation
5. Fragments of Grey Matter
6. Ulcerborne
7. Breeding Chaos
8. Entranced by Calamity
9. Ill-Conceived
10. Entrapped Savagery
11. Malicious Contortions
12. Coerced Through Submersion