After releasing the anticipated and incredibly well-received atmospheric “Falling Away” and the impassioned  “Birth Of A Tragedy”, alternative metal quartet Bullet To The Heart now debuts “Tortured Pleasure”! Creating a distinguishable mixture of memorable guitar riffs, heavy low end music profile and anthemic vocal melodies, overflowing with genuine emotion, “Tortured Pleasure” establishes a textural and tonal eminent powerful sound with a mesmerizing musicianship depth, which is tastefully outlined, emphasized and complemented by the atmosphere of the accompanying visual representation, as the final product truly represents and showcases the formation’s notable and rare ability to provide an unique sense of easily identifiable feel, which perfectly summarizes the quartet’s astonishing potential to generate naturally comprehensible and catchy compositions.

Sharing further details regarding “Tortured Pleasure” and the meaning and the influence behind the final product, Bullet To The Heartt states: “The song talks about loving someone, but not necessarily liking who they are as a person. You know you need them in your life, but – at the same time you – feel like you could walk away. They somehow always pull you back in by your heartstrings. The music video shows this exact concept, in the way the couple fights and interacts. There is some level of love and compassion, but there is something dark lurking in the background. But in the end it’s never acted on. Life continues the vicious cycle of wanting to leave or stay.”