Canada’s Alienatör Embrace Personal Struggles With Music Video For “Regrets”

Canada’s Alienatör Embrace Personal Struggles With Music Video For “Regrets”

New Album “Regrets” Out Now!

(L to R) Sean Skillen – Bass/Back-up Vocals, Brad King – Guitar/Vocals, Simon Paquette – Drums
Photo Credit – Peter David Wragg

Hailing from Canada, Alienatör is a sludge metal band that confronts tough issues with razor-sharp riffs and memorable hooks. They released their debut album “Pariahs’ in 2019, and have just recently followed it up this year with “Regrets”, which is darker, more focused, and more intense. Through the album, they look at political events, personal relationships and set heavy themes to heavy music. The title track sees the band at its most vulnerable, it’s a cathartic song about the passage of time and missed opportunities. Vocalist/guitarist Brad King lays out some of his motivations behind the single:

“One of the more heartfelt and emotional songs I’ve written, dealing with personal regrets and struggles and the passage of time. I like the energy and looser feel of it, musically. Sean’s really standing on his head with some of the bass fills on this one but it’s all tasteful and fits perfectly, elevating the whole song. Simon also fills empty spaces in interesting ways on the drums here.”

The music video for “Regrets” can be seen and heard via its premiere on NoCleanSinging HERE.

“Regrets” is a grim postcard from the depths of the human psyche. Alienatör’s darkest release yet, it is a reaction to years of deep political turmoil, the erosion of truth, as well as personal politics of grief, loss, and struggle. It’s an album that touches on personal and social themes. Flourishes of melody drenched in a caustic sludge, painted in shades of black.

The previous album was written as a two-piece, but since then, bassist Sean Skillen has taken more of a creative role in the process and drummer Simon Paquette was recruited for drums. The band still has some blistering fast punk-influenced tunes but they’re branching out and showing their songwriting depth on this latest recording.

Abrasion, aggression and heartfelt emotion meet driving rhythm and solid riffs throughout the album, which is recommended for fans of Botch, Jesus Lizard and Unsane.

“Regrets” was released on November 25th, 2022 and available on (CD)

Music Video – The Priest –

Track Listing:
1. Revisionist History – 2:10
2. Loss Leader – 4:03
3. Blood Red Blood – 3:08
4. Regrets – 3:44
5. The Priest – 5:30
6. The Less Dead – 1:56
7. Flat Earth Society – 2:51
8. Irreconcilable – 2:59
9. Your Funeral – 3:20
10. Wounded Birds – 4:10
11. Dark Matters – 4:09
Album Length: 38:04

Album Recording Credits:
– All songs performed by: Alienator
– Music by Alienator
– Lyrics by Brad King
– Produced by: Sean Skillen
– Mixed by: Sean Skillen
– Mastered by: Brad Boatright
– Album Artwork by: Peter David Wragg
– Member of SOCAN
– Canadian Content (MAPL)

Album and Live Line Up:
Brad King – Vocals, Guitar
Sean Skillen – Bass, Vocals
Simon Paquette – Drums

For more info:

About: Hailing from Thunder Bay, ON, Canada, Alienatör is a sludge metal band that combines punk, hardcore, and noise rock elements into a stripped-down package, full of razor-sharp riffs and memorable hooks.

Their debut album, “Pariahs,” released in 2109 moves from fast and aggressive to slow and swampy with touches of experimental weirdness. Many of the lyrics are about how we numb ourselves to the pain and disappointment of everyday life.

Fast forward to 2022, and the band is ready to unleash their follow-up, entitled “Regrets,” which introduces new drummer Simon Paquette to the fold. The album is bleak and abrasive, with moments of calm, melody, and beauty to juxtapose against the ugliness. Raw, uncompromising, and dark, it is emotionally heavy music that reflects a chaotic time in history.