Canada’s FALAMH Are Now Streaming Blackened Death Metal EP “Aeons Effigy”

Canada’s FALAMH Are Now Streaming Blackened Death Metal EP “Aeons Effigy”

EP Stream Premiere via Bravewords

“Aeons Effigy” Out March 25th

L-R – Dave Strba (Guitar, Backing Vocals) – Kyle Tayler (Guitars, Vocals) – Kye Bell (Bass)

Falamh released their debut album “The Unbound Beyond: I” in 2020 and are now following it up with “Aeons Effigy”. A meticulous blend of black and death metal, it will appeal to a wide variety of listeners who enjoy melody, creative riffs and blast beats. Compared to the last release, “Aeons Effigy” keeps the tone of the first, although it is diverse in other ways, it is darker and more robust; however, the atmosphere remains the same. The band explains it in their own words:

“The concept for this EP is about the journey and discovery of oneself and the transformation effects that occur. Whether being steadfast or yielding, change is always inevitable and it’s how someone reacts that can determine the perspective and outcome. The lyrics reflect this by telling tales of different characters and how their reaction affects them.”

The tracks on this EP are taken from several sessions over the last few years. As for what to expect in the future, there is currently some new material in the very early stages of the writing process. The release of it will depend on how far Falamh is able to dig in and be happy with the results.

“Aeons Effigy” is just over 20 minutes in length, and was produced, mixed and mastered by the band at Chainsaw Media. The album artwork was done by guitarist/vocalist Kyle Tayler. There are many black and death metal influences present in the music, and the album is recommended for fans of Taake, Kampfar, and Agalloch.

“Aeons Effigy” is being released on March 25, 2022, but can be heard in full before it officially drops via its premiere on Bravewords HERE.

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Music Video – Winds of Silence –

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Track Listing:
1. Winds of Silence (6:46)
2. Blackened Waves (6:52)
3. Benighted Weald (5:03)
4. Aethereal Forger (4:33)
EP Length: 23:14

EP Recording Credits:
• All songs performed by: Falamh
• All songs written by: Falamh
• Produced by: Dave Strba and Kyle Tayler at Chainsaw Media
• Mixed by: Dave Strba at Chainsaw Media
• Mastered by: Dave Strba at Chainsaw Media
• EP Artwork by: Kyle Tayler
• Canadian Content (MAPL)

EP Recording Band Line Up:
Kyle Tayler – Guitars, Vocals
David Strba – Guitars, Vocals (Backing)
Kye Bell – Bass
Tyler Chartrand – Drums (Session)

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Falamh, from North Bay, ON, Canada rose from the ashes of a previous band in 2019. Guitarist/vocalist Kyle Tayler had originally written material for that band, but after the dissolution, sought other creative outlets for them. Enlisting members from the previous band, Falamh was born and they got to work refining their melodic black/death metal.

Ultimately working collaboratively, Tayler guides the initial creation of song structures, riffs, drums patterns, and lyrics which are distilled by David Strba (guitars, backing vocals) and Kye Bell (bass). The three of them have considerable experience playing live and for them, the current focus is to present something more memorable with a stage presence that adds to the overall atmosphere of the music.

Falamh released their first EP “The Unbound Beyond: I” in 2020 and will follow it up with “Aeons Effigy” due out on March 25, 2022.

2022 – Aeons Effigy – EP
2020 – The Unbound Beyond: I – EP