Canticum Diaboli: New single & Video

Canticum Diaboli, italian melodic black metal band with historical and medieval themes, after recently announcing their return to the scene on their social channels will release a new self-produced EP entitled “Ecce Pontifex Bonifatio” on May 16th.

On the occasion of this announcement, the band presents the new single “Mala Anagnia“:

“Ecce Pontifex Bonifatio” will follow the band’s classic concept focused on the history of the Middle Ages and on the main events in the life of Boniface VIII: the most hated pope of the Middle Ages. The new work will be distinguished by sonorities with a greater focus on groove than speed, even if the latter will still be a very present element, and will present the inclusion of new dungeon synth elements.


1. Praeledium

2. Unam Sanctam

3. Mala Anagnia

4. Ovidi Te in Sepulchro

5. Simoniacus


Canticum Diaboli is a project founded by Apostata in the summer of 2014. After a few years and several line up changes, Apostata and Laevus continue to work to the arrangement of the pieces and the elaboration of the concept. The group finally finds its own balance with the entry of Cernunnos (Barbarossa, ex Vereor Nox) in 2016 and Impudicus.

On April 30, 2018 Canticum Diaboli perform their first live performance at “La Loggia Nera” festival in Italy. At this event the band plays in opening for important names of the Italian Black metal scene such as Black Legion, Harkane, Von Hexe, Infernal Angels, Ad Noctem Funeriis and Catechon. On January 8, 2019 they released their first self-produced album entitled “De Flammis et Dei Ruina”.