CARNAGE VOID take big risks with bold statement by releasing “Let There Be Carnage” Single.

Iranian Death Metal band CARNAGE VOID take big risks with bold statement by releasing “Let There Be Carnage” Single

Carnage Void are taking big risks with their latest single, a glimpse and statement of what is happening in their daily lives. A quick glance at the international news or social media and you will surely be aware of the state of turmoil and oppression in which their country lies.

With lyrics aiming a direct hit at the heart of the matter, here is what the band has to say:

“When cities wake up in smoke and blood every day.

When they bring suppression and poverty to people’s table.

When men are slaves to the gears of industry and women are the property of religious leaders.

When children are victims in their schools.

And righteous teachers and writers are in prisons.

When mothers are unaware of their child’s execution.

And when you start your life every morning facing these events, you will actually understand what living in the Middle East looks like.

Let there be carnage.”

“This piece is a call. For anyone whose freedom, sex, love, and art, and ultimately their life have been taken away from them. In the darkest days of Iran’s history, we took the risk of being arrested and recorded this track in our homes. The goal was not only to show musical or singing abilities, but the exact expression of all our feelings about living in this Dark Age.

We thank and cherish all our brave artist friends who helped us to finish this task.

To freedom for all!” – Carnage Void

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Driven , young and determined , Carnage Void is an extreme metal band founded in the Iranian capital Tehran . Since their formation carnage void has released two single tracks including let the heartless win and their last release let there be carnage single track.

In a country which is governed under utter most disrespect for freedom of speech and art, Carnage Void came to birth with the dream of creating extreme music and extreme form of arts all together. As old friends who played together for many years in other bands gradually gathered around the fire to kick start their new band, Carnage Void found form after a dramatic series of events such as economical and political problems.

Void, the absence of matter in space in large volumes up to even billions of light years across the known universe, also in literature and art it has different meanings, such as depression and stress, feeling empty or even furious. Followed by carnage it carries total disagreement with any conflict of any sort specifically war and superstitious oppression which by the end it all ends in an empty and meaningless void a symbol of pointless death and destruction.

Ashkan Seifi
Yahya Rahmani
Soheil Avakh
Mohammadreza Rezai