CASTRATOR Launch Lyric Video for “Dawa of Youszafani” – “Defiled in Oblivion”

CASTRATOR Launch Lyric Video for “Dawa of Youszafani” – “Defiled in Oblivion” Now Available for Pre-order

New York-based old-school death squad CASTRATOR has released a new track from their forthcoming debut full-length album, Defiled in Oblivion. The band has joined forces with Decibel Magazine to premiere the lyric video for “Dawa of Yousafazai.”

Stream the video now at this location.

With their third release to date, the New York four-piece have perfected their blend of fierce old-school USDM to a fault. More uncompromising and ruthless than ever before, CASTRATOR’s zero-fucks-given approach rips and shreds across 9 hypnotically violent new tracks (alongside a cover of Venom’s Countess Bathory) and makes Defiled in Oblivion a release to be reckoned with. Boys club beware!

Dark Descent Records will release Defiled in Oblivion on July 22.

Revolver Magazine, Brooklyn Vegan, Decibel Magazine, and Gimme Metal Radio are all offering limited edition vinyl variants of Defiled in Oblivion. Each edition is limited to 100 copies.

Get the Neon-Violet Galaxy variant from Revolver and Brooklyn Vegan.

Get the Hot Pink and Black Galaxy variant from Decibel Magazine

Get the Magenta and Aqua Blue variant from Gimme Metal Radio

Pre-order Defiled in Oblivion on all other formats from Dark Descent Records.

CASTRATOR previously released a music video for album track “Tyrant’s Verdict.” The video was filmed, directed, and edited by drummer Carolina Perez, along with Stephanie Gentry. Check it out at

Defiled in Oblivion Tracklisting:

  1. Dawa of Yousafzai
  2. Tormented by Atrocities
  3. Befoul My Existence
  4. Inquisition Sins
  5. Voices of Evirato
  6. Forsaken and Deprived
  7. Sinister Mind
  8. Purge the Rotten (Ones)
  9. Tyrant’s Verdict
  10. Countess Bathory (Venom cover)

Cover art for Defiled in Oblivion by Jon Zig.

Robin Mazen – Bass
Carolina Perez – Drums
Kimberly Orellana – Guitars
Clarissa Badini – Vocals​​​