CHAOSFEAR releases new out of the box EP!

The new and challenging conceptual EP by brazilian band CHAOSFEAR“Aeternum”, was released on November 2, All Souls’ Day, as it is a work full of emotions, addressing themes strongly rooted in grief, pain and anguish that everyone has gone through in the last year, mainly the brothers Fernando (vocals / guitar) and Eduardo Boccomino (guitar) who lost the closest and dearest ones. The band’s new sound goes beyond the use of any kind of marks, as symphonic parts, acoustic guitars, keyboards and cellos were incorporated, making it even more modern, denser and melancholic in a way never heard before in its 20-year career .

For Fernando BoccominoEduardo BoccominoMarco Nunes (bass/producer) and Fabio Moyses (drums), staying in a comfort zone is totally out of the question!

“Aeternum” tracklist:

“Until Your Last Breath”
“A Pit Of Sadness”

“Until Your Last Breath” features Jose Cardillo (Holy Sagga/Eye Of The King) on ​​keyboards.

Recorded at Tori Studios, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, “Aeternum” was produced, mixed and mastered by the band’s bassist and producer, Marco Nunes, co-produced by the four musicians and with cover art by Jean Santiago (Santart).

“Never has a Chaosfear release portrayed a determined period of time so well, with losses and mourning, but also one of perseverance and hope. Musically, we took the arrangements to a new level, adding parts with piano, guitar, cello, which had already appeared more modestly on our previous album. Baker did it on Queen’s “A Night At The Opera” and Terry Brown on “Parallels” by Fates Warning”, bringing many layers and things happening so the listener can discover details with each new audition in a kind of sound journey” (Marco Nunes)

“We are a band that is not afraid of taking risks! Our art is fed through new challenges and this new work is another new beginning for the band. Amidst the writing process, our mother died. We even thought about taking a break from recording, but we thought that the best solution would be to continue working and dedicate all the lyrical content of the EP to her. The lyrics of the first single “Until The Last Breath” are a letter I wrote to my mother shortly after her passing. It’s practically a portrait of how I feel about everything that happened, a mixture of emotions, such as longing, pain, anguish, fear, regrets and a depth of sanity in the midst of this hurricane” (Fernando Boccomino)

“The next track, “Eternally”, portrays the moment when the doctors came to give us the news of our mother’s passing. All of a sudden everything changed and we no longer had her with us. The emptiness present in everyday life makes things more and more difficult, but at that time, it was necessary to take a deep breath and put your head in the right place. And precisely in these moments of calm I closed my eyes and felt her presence comforting me.” (Fernando Boccomino)

“Closing the EP we have “A Pit Of Sadness”. The months passed and the feeling of anger and anguish gave way to sadness. The days come and nothing was the same, and it never will be. Moments of fully depression and the feeling of being lost in the world take turns. One day I get up and see that I have to get out of this black hole and the best way to do that is to love life and want to live. Even being lost…” (Fernando Boccomino)

“The initial idea of ​​“Aeternum” was portraying this period of losses, but after a certain moment there was a period of acceptance, so we decided to create the last track “A Pit Of Sadness” as a closure of hope, completing the cycle.” (Marco Nunes)


“Inside The Extreme World” (EP/2003)
“One Step Behind Anger” (Album/2006)
“Image Of Disorder” (Album/2008)
“Legacy Of Chaos” (EP/2012)
“Global Atrocity” (Single/2018)
“Path 21” (Single/2019)
“The Alliance” (Single/2020)
“Whose Fist Is This Anyway” (Single/2020)
“Be The Light In Dark Days” (Album/2020)
“From No Past” (Single/2020)
“Be The Light In Dark Days” (Single/2020)
“Cold” (Single/2020)
“The Toxic Waltz (Feat. Steve Zetro Souza of Exodus)” (Single/2020)
“The Hand That Wrecks The World” (EP/2021)}
“Roça N’ Roll Sessions” (Album/2021)
“Aeternum” (EP/2021)

Current Lineup:

Fernando Boccomino – Vocals/Guitars
Eduardo Boccomino – Guitars
Marco Nunes – Bass/Keyboards/Backing Vocals
Fábio Moysés – Drums/Backing Vocals

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