Charlie Edward Releases “Broken Side”




LONDON, ONTARIO – Charlie Edward is a 21-year-old young gun and ROCK n ROLL was what this kid was born to do and his debut release “Broken Side” unequivocally shows he is a master at his craft.

After some time in LA working with Foreigners’ Jeff Pilson, Edward came to Toronto to write with Leon Harrison (founder of Bandwagon and singer of The Lazys). He soon became a name that many wanted to work with. So far he has worked with Garth Richardson (Rage Against the Machine), and Colin MacDonald (The Trews). This debut release “Broken Side”marks Edward’s beginning of a very promising solo career. 

Usually seen on the sidelines playing lead guitar for other acts or writing music in private, Edward decided to take a risk and put it all out there after some encouragement from fellow musicians in California. 

He may be small, but this kid will SET YOU STRAIGHT with his wide vocal range and monster guitar tones.


“Broken Side” is about a loss of love, and not wanting to dwell on that or waste any time being sad. Being ready to let go.” – Charlie Edward

Edward reflects on his own process so far, “A sense of creative freedom and evolution is at the forefront of my psyche – to be able to utilize my voice, my guitar playing, and my songwriting skills – all in harmony with one another is really refreshing. It’s the culmination of two years spent with great writers, musicians, and friends. Always traveling, making music, and picking up whatever I can along the way.”- Charlie Edward

Song Credits:
Mixing Engineer- Ben Erikson
Producer-Colin MacDonald
Writer(s)-Charlie Edward, Colin MacDonald, Leon Harrison, Brandon Gregory
Studio assistants- Darren Mcgill, Davey White
Drum tech- Jordan at YC Drum Company

Video Credits:
Scott Baker-Music Video Director
Brian Hamilton- Music video Director/Producer
Jeff Elliston-Music Video B camera
Natalie Schiabel- Music Video Actress

80’s rocker Jeff Pilson, best known for his prolific career with Dokken, Dio, and Foreigner played bass on this song. He and Charlie have worked tirelessly together throughout the Covid-19 shutdowns and he can often be heard on his upcoming releases.

This debut release “Broken Side” marks the beginning of a very promising solo career for the 21-year-old Canadian Singer-Songwriter Charlie Edward. This first single was produced by Colin MacDonald, Lead singer of prolific Canadian rock band The Trews. Also involved is Jeff Pilson (Foreigner) on Bass Guitar and Leon Harrison (The Lazys) who discovered a younger unsigned Edward back in 2020 and then began working together to develop the soundscape. 

This song features:
Charlie Edward-Lead Guitar and vocals
Jeff Pilson (Foreigner, Dio, Dokken)-Bass guitar
Brandon Gregory-Rhythm guitars and background vocals 
Tyler Woods-Drums

Charlie Edward Website:





“Thank you to those who have influenced me with their music and thank you to everyone who’s told me no, you’ve only made me hungrier.” – Charlie Edward

Leon Harrison- Mentor, manager, Co-writer
Colin MacDonald- Producer, Co-writer, Mentor
Brandon Gregory- Long-time Guitarist, Co-writer
Jeff Pilson-Long time creative partner, Bassist, Producer, Mentor
Karrie McGillivray- Album Artwork
Anthony Salazar-Long time creative partner, Drummer
Ben Erikson-Producer, Mixing Engineer, Mentor, Homie
Eric Steckel-Guitar hero, Friend, Guidance
Tyler Woods- Drums on “Broken Side”
Scott Baker-Music Video Director
Brian Hamilton- Music video Director/Producer
Jeff Elliston-Music Video B camera
Natalie Schiabel- Music Video Actress
David McDonald-Photographer
Talyn Prior-Friend, Long time creative partner
Mike Bonnell-For always fixing my vintage amplifiers after I am convinced they are toast.
My Parents, my partner, and my grandparents.