Christian Bernadac – A View

The new video “ILLUMINE” will be release on June 4th was filmed in a secret location and it’s a very powerful song. 


Christian Bernadac is  a guitar player from Durango, Mexico.
He started studying  classical guitar at 15 years old, until with the passage of time the electric guitar and different sounds inspired him to take another musical course, becoming his main instrument.
After being part of several musical groups and playing several styles, he formed All Misery,  deathcore band, he had the opportunity to go on tour all over Mexico, Europe, Canada and Central America.
All Misery has a three single EP, five singles and one album released in 2019 with very aggressive sound. 

Christian formed an instrumental project with a mix of genres like Jazz, Funk, Metal and Progressive.
The instrumental project helped him develop his own sound without limits, giving the most honest version of his musical identity.

With Alejandro in the bass and Ramiro in the drums, they formed this amazing instrumental trio. 
His solo  record came out on June 2017 and thanks to the freedom to be alone and Christian is the producer of this material, he could print his emotion  and make this album, very personal and deep.

The album have a very positive  comments of big guitarists and inspiration to Christian , as Nick Johnston, Leonardo Guzman, Paul Wardingham, Gianluca Ferro, David Maxim Miccic, Andy James and many more.
He is proudly  endorsement of the big brands as ESP Guitars, EMG Pickups, Reunion Blues, Pig Hog Cables, Steinberg, Postive Grid and Raven Picks.