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City of Ljubljana Awarded Highest Recognition to Underground Legends NOCTIFERIA!

Ljubljana’s underground legends NOCTIFERIA have a huge pleasure to announce that City of Ljubljana has awarded its highest recognition to the band for their cultural achievements and 25 years of activity!

The band shared:
“Yesterday, on May 9th, at the Ljubljana Castle, we received the plaque from the capital City of Ljubljana for the achievements in the field of cultural creation and our first 25 years.
Thank you Ljubljana and all of you who helped us build this story for a quarter of a century!”

The event included an award ceremony for the presentation of portraits of Honorary Citizens, Plaques and Awards of the City of Ljubljana for 2022.

On May 4th, NOCTIFERIA premiered their intriguing new video “Smrt za Smrt” (Death for Death). The song is taken from the band’s latest album ‘Reforma (tribute to Laibach)’, released on May 28th 2021 via Blood Blast Distribution / Nika Records. In case you missed, watch the video at

The band on the song:
“”Smrt za smrt” is one of the older Laibach songs we’ve re-made and it is also the last video we’ll release for the “Reforma” album. 
It is one of the most twisted and sick songs on the album with a horror-like atmosphere that we’ve partially transferred into the video that was shot on a remote location deep in the woods.
The title translates into “Death for Death” and we’ve kept the lyrics in Slovene language, same as the original version. 
Fun facts: It’s the first whole song we ever did in our home language and the children’s voices were recorded by Igor’s daughters.” – Noctiferia

The band on ‘Reforma (tribute to Laibach)’ album: 
“It’s never been a secret that we are fond of Laibach, their avant-garde approach to musical and visual art. And with this new album we finally have the whole package ready with killer songs, amazing guest musicians, top-notch production and visual presentation!”

Check out NOCTIFERIA’s first three singles:
‘Tanz mit Laibach’, Feat. Attila Csihar –
‘Now You Will Pay’ Feat. David Vincent –
‘No History‘ –

‘Reforma’ on Spotify:

‘Reforma’ tracklist:
Barbarians are Coming
Now You Will Pay (feat. David Vincent)
No History  
Tanz Mit Laibach (feat. Attila Csihar)
Smrt Za Smrt
Das Spiel Ist Aus  
Nova Akropola (feat. Jørgen Munkeby)

‘Reforma’, released May 28th 2021, is the latest studio album by NOCTIFERIA, a tribute to the legendary and world-renowned avant-garde band Laibach featuring three big and legendary names of metal scene; David Vincent – ex Morbid Angel, Vltimas, Attila Csihar – Mayhem and Jørgen Munkeby – Shining. It was mixed and mastered by the award-winning producer Henrik Udd (Bring Me The Horizon, Architects, At The Gates, etc.). The artwork concept and design is the work of Jean-Emmanuel “Valnoir” Simoulin from French design studio Metastazis, known for their work with Ghost, Behemoth, At the Gates, Amorphis, etc. The album can be described as a ‘crushing sounding mix of extreme metal and avant-garde music, with some very special and legendary guests!

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Ljubljana’s underground legends NOCTIFERIA, have been spreading their unique style of the Slovenian Extreme Metal Movement since the beginning. Few could predict what the band and its members would mean for the whole scene in the years to come. Today, just as it sometimes seems that the artists have drained all genres of originality and that all the new musical styles have already been discovered, here comes NOCTIFERIA, bringing something fresh, a mix of styles that is uniquely theirs. NOCTIFERIA have toured Europe and UK with bands like In Flames, Hypocrisy, Mayhem, Samael, Marduk etc. Toured China couple of times so far and performed at various European festivals (at Wacken Open Air 2015 as first Slovenian band ever, Bloodstock, etc.).

What makes them unique is the way they explore music. Band has collaborated with electronic music producers, symphony orchestra, released acoustic album and has incorporated in their music elements of black, death, industrial metal and world music with modern touch. Quality and diversity is band’s motto. Noctiferia strives to always release high quality products and to not repeat themselves artistically.

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