Colderra “Holy Fire” Flaming The Spirit and Never Surrender

Colderra, power metal band from Malang Indonesia released their 2nd single “Holy Fire” a song about the burning spirit in facing the reality, because life is worth to fighting for.

Previously, Colderra released their first single “Cracked” last June and the song succesfully pierce several metal radio stations charts in several countries such as; Malaysia, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Malta, Mexico, Canada and USA.

“Holy Fire” is the 2nd single from the materials in Colderra’s 2nd album. The album will be released next year, until the day came they will be releasing 3 to 4 singles during the production process.

“Holy Fire, I think is very relevant to the current conditions, where many people are feeling depressed and having a very hard time living their lives right now, of course because of the pandemic. Even though when I wrote the lyrics I only focused on my own story for the last few years and thank God it’s starting to get better now and it’s easier for me to live my life,” said Iwan the vocalist.

“The point is, even though we are having a very difficult time at the moment don’t give up. There will always be hope as long as we have the spirit and are willing to try even though there will be some things that must be sacrificed. Isn’t this life really worth to fighting for?” he continued.

In other hand according to Iboer the guitarist, he wrote  “Holy Fire” as a tribute to Andre Matos (Ex Shaman, Ex Angra). “At first, I wrote this song is to honouring Andre Matos, one of great musicians who had a big influence in the power metal genre, his passion for music was endless even until the last days before he died. Some of the guitar parts in this song are heavily influenced by Angra,  but the lyrics written by Iwan are also very representative of my original intentions,” he said.

From the visual side, this time Colderra attempt something different than before. Previously all the videos always presented with full animation and illustrations, “Holy Fire” was packed in a simple way. “The idea came from Yasa, he said, ‘why don’t we take a video during the recording process and make a music video, so everybody can see the personnel’. And In the end the idea was carried out, even though it was made in a simple way,” explained Iwan.

Colderra, which currently consists of; Iwan Ruby Sasmita (Vocals), Robby Achmad a.k.a Iboer (Guitars), Yasa Wijaya (Drums & Programs) conveyed that “Holy Fire” is a song that is being worked on with honesty. What is meant by honesty is that everything is done freely according to their respective capacities without any direction or coercion between personnel.

Iwan added that the single version of “Holy Fire” will be slightly different from what will appear in the album version. “This is a single release version, in the album version the arrangement is much cooler and there is also a vocal choir. Just consider it as a promotional version, after all if the song has been released and it continues to be included in the album with the same composition it’s not fun,” he said.

They also said that the upcoming singles after “Holy Fire” is already in process and will be released in the next few months. “The upcoming singles already has several candidate songs, we’re still sorting whether it’s the ‘old school metal’ style or the ‘slow rock ballads’ that will be released first, just wait” said Colderra.

“Holy Fire” will be available on Colderra YouTube channel in October 23, while on digital streaming platforms such as Spotify and iTunes are still not available. However, that single and all of Colderra’s other works can also be heard at the official Colderra website.

COLDERRA – Holy Fire (Single Version)

COLDERRA – Holy Fire

Music by Robby “Iboer” Achmad

Lyrics by Iwan Ruby Sasmita

Running Alone In The Warfare

Looks Like Everything Burning Higher

Nothing Was Left In This Land

Standing Alone In The Great War

Without A Keeper And The Warrior

This Empire Will Falling Down

Fire.. Find The Fire

Climbing The Cliff Only With My Hands

My Step Were Stopped Between Heaven And Hell

Fire.. Find Holy Fire

Walking Alone In The Midnight

Trying Run And Hide From The Hurricane

I Am Suffer And Want To Crying

Screaming Louder For The Struggle

Cause Everything I Feel So More Harder

No Time To Prevent Disaster

Fire.. Find The Fire

Climbing The Cliff Only With My Hands

My Step Were Stopped Between Heaven And Hell

Fire.. Find Holy Fire

Fly.. To Fight..

Rise.. For Life..

Build The Bridge And All Miracle Will Return

Holy Fire Burning In My Soul

Crawl.. To Light..

Run.. For Kind..

Bring Me Spirit For The Last Hope In My Heart

Holy Fire Burning In My Life

In The World Full Of Pride

Colderra are :

Iwan Ruby Sasmita (Vocal)

Robby “Iboer” Achmad (Guitar)

Yasa Wijaya (Drum and Program)

Recording, editing, mixing and mastering at :

Vamos Record Studio

Cover artwork material by :

Enrique Meseguer

Cover artwork edited by :

Iwan Ruby Sasmita

Video recorded and edited by :

Bethap Virga Kiswanata

COLDERRA social media :