Corners of Sanctuary’s New EP Releasing as a Free Exclusive Digital Download – Only On Metalheads Forever Magazine

Corners of Sanctuary’s New EP Releasing as a Free Exclusive Digital Download – Only On Metalheads Forever Magazine

Philly Metal rockers Corners of Sanctuary (COS) are releasing a brand new EP titled “What We Leave Behind” exclusively through Metalheads Forever Magazine Today December 27th. The band is making this special digital release available for a limited time as a free MP3 download directly from the magazine’s official website

It’s great to be working with Metalheads Forever Magazine for this release,” said COS guitarist Mick Michaels. “They have been very supportive of us and teaming up with them for the EP’s release just seems right,” he continued. “It was a chance for us both to continue to grow our audience.”

Corners of Sanctuary teamed up once again with friend and legendary LA producer Bill Metoyer (Slayer, Armored Saint, W.A.S.P., Fates Warning) to oversee the final mastering of “What We Leave Behind.” Bill has worked with the band on several of their recent releases including their “Merry Metal Xmas” singles, “Finding Sanctuary” and last year’s critically acclaimed album “The Galloping Hordes.”

It’s great working with Bill,” said COS bassist James Pera. “He knows exactly what the music needs,” Pera added

An alternate version of the EP will be offered on CD, and will only be available on the band’s merch table at live performances. The CD version will also feature three live tracks from the band’s most recent West Coast tour this past summer, including “Metal Machine,” “On the Hunt” and “Wrecking Ball.”

As 2019 comes to a close and the New Year is close at hand, Corners of Sanctuary prepares to hit 2020 with all guns blazing.

There are some cool things planned for 2020,” said COS drummer Mad T. “In addition to the new album, we are looking to bring the COS experience across the pond again,” T added.

We do plan for a new album in 2020…most of it’s already finished,” said Michaels. “We hope to get back in the studio sometime after the Holidays as well as getting back on the stageIt’s where we have the most fun,” he added.

Corners of Sanctuary’s new EP, “What We Leave Behind,” is available Friday, December 27th as a free MP3 and only through Metalheads Forever Magazine until February 1st.

Track listing:
1. Breaking Silence
2. No Man’s A Slave
3. Aqua Luminos featuring Lorenzo Partida (Transmetal)
4. Juggernaut
5. Mind’s Eye
6. What We Leave Behind

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