CRYOSPHERE is a melodic metal band with both clean and scream vocals. Their musical universe is complex and combines progressive elements, synths, electronics and old school symphonic elements in a modern package. In the past, they have successfully been compare like bands as “Amaranthe” ​and ​“Lacuna Coil”.​ 

CRYOSPHERE  from Denmark born in 2016, the band had two dedicated vocalists: A male scream vocalist and a female clean singer, two guitar players, a bass player and a drummer.
CRYOSPHERE deicide  still use of their dual vocals, which has become a big part of their brand, despite the new internal re-ordering. The usage of several vocalists have always added an interesting element of diversity in the vocal universe of ​CRYOSPHERE​.

CRYOSPHERE released their first EP in 2019, which was a compilation of all the singles they had released earlier, as well as a new version of the song ​”Reflections”​. In December 2019, they reissued the song ​”Nevermore”,​ which was originally their very first track, but had so far only been released as a demo in 2017. ​“Nevermore” turned out to be one of the two singles they released from their second EP “Constellations”​, released in June 2020.

Their first EP “Rebirth” has been nominated for ​“Best female fronted EP of 2019” by FFRMR and received a 10/10 review by Wild Spiritz Magazine.Early in their career they have been openers for bands like ​“​Daze of June”​(DK), “​Odd Palace”​(DK) and “​Crazy Town”​(US).

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