CULT OF SCARECROW: Re-issue Their Self-Titled EP “Cult of Scarecrow”

Belgian Heavy Metal act CULT OF SCARECROW are glad to announce the re-issue of their self-titled EP “Cult of Scarecrow” via Wormholedeath worldwide!

Band comment:

“We’re so honoured with this worldwide re-issue of our 2018 debut EP by WormHoleDeath. This mostly unknown masterpiece will finally get all the attention it deserves and will be available for all fans worldwide. And very soon after this they will discover the journey we’ve been through in the last 3 years when listening to our new album that will be released on September the 10th. “

“Cult of Scarecrow” EP is available on all digital platforms HERE

1. The Hour of Blood Run

2. The Cult of Scarecrow

3. Last Words from Black Birds

4. Adrift and Astray

‘Last Words from Black Birds – An Apocalyptic Tale’

Music Video

The video was filmed and directed by Yana Poppe, eldest daughter of the band’s bassist Gunther. The drone shots were made by Thomas Collewaert of Tomiko Systems.

Press cuts:

Cult of Scarecrow seriously make their mark with this slightly fantastic EP. It will be in my playlist for a while (8/10)  (

So let yourself be overwhelmed by the intensity of a new dark diamond that predicts the end of times and of the human race. You simply have to experience the devastating primal force of this debut EP  (

An enrichment for Belgian metal !  (

An album worth listening to. Both musically and textually this is a magnificent debut (

Both musically and vocally it sounds right. A successful debut ! (7/10)  (Rock Tribune)

Cult of Scarecrow is a Belgian metalband founded in 2017. Their music can be described as epic doom metal, melodic but dark, with intense riffs and vocals. Their lyrics bathe in an atmosphere of hopelessness, despondency and dejection.


Robbie Eelbode : keyboards

Jan Van Der Poorten : guitars
Ivan De Strooper : guitars

Filip De Wilde : lead vocals

Gunther ‘Gunny’ Poppe : bass guitar & backing vocals

Nico Regelbrugge : drums & backing vocals