Dak Holiday New Single ‘SID & NANCY’

Photo credit: Trevor Hudak


Hyperpunk/Pop-Punk artist ‘Dak Holiday’ releases his latest single ‘SID & NANCY’.  Dak Holiday’s quest is to rewrite the conventions of the ‘Punk’ and ‘Emo’ sound blending with Dubstep, Hyperpop and EDM influences to create his own distinct Hyperpunk sound. 

‘SID & NANCY’ does just that, a punchy, high-tempo track laced with distortion that narrates a sleazy modern fairytale of two cokeheads in Hollywood dreaming of glamour and stardom but ultimately manufacturing their own demise. The track takes cues from early 2000’s punk and emo while adding electronic elements in the form of glitches and autotune to create a track that’s varied in sound while packing a punch. 

Speaking on the meaning behind SID & NANCY Dak Holiday explains “I always found it interesting that the song ‘Semi-Charmed Life’ by Third Eye Blind was such a big pop hit but was essentially the storyline of a couple addicted to meth. The song is my take on it but aimed more at an alternative / punk demographic.”

Hailing from Chicago, the US-based artist both performs and produces his own tracks having released three singles to date. His fourth release SID & NANCY sees Dak Holiday continue to expand his sound as he pushes boundaries in the Hyperpunk genre. With plenty more tracks in the pipeline and a hell of a lot more to say, this won’t be the last you hear of Dak Holiday. Follow his socials to keep updated.  

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