Daniel Dorobanțu and Dan Sîrbu Released “Mare Adânc,” a New Blissful Single

“Mare Adânc” (eng. Great Deep), the first collaborative song from Romanian composer and producer DanielDorobanțu and Berlin-based artist Dan Sîrbu, is a merger of their incredible techniques and love for Romanian traditions. 

You can now listen to “Mare Adânc” on all streaming platforms and watch the music video on Youtube.

With this new release, they encapsulate the ethos of a world apparently long gone. Unfolded through field recordings of traditional instrumentals (flute) and ambient space, the song rests between nostalgia and bliss.

Daniel Dorobanțu‘s myth-like creations are continuously detached from form and image, yet fully aware of the murmur between the worlds. Moreover, “Mare Adânc” is an ode to revisiting and reinventing old memories and cultural heritage. The composition is further embroidered by DanSîrbu, adding a new texture to the song, treating it with both wonder and longing, and one can feel a sense of striving to be lost in something larger than one’s self. 

On “Mare Adânc,” Daniel Dorobanțu declares that it “is the tale of our exploration of the eternal seen as an endless spring of wonder from the unknown, filtered through our love for Romanian mythology and traditions. With his skill as a musician and his heartfelt involvement in this adventure, Dan Sîrbu was a true fellow explorer all along the way.”

With every song, Daniel Dorobanțu manages to arouse cosmic empathy, an almost physical human being’s transposition into the infinity of memory. “Mare Adânc” works entirely within a surreal realm, where the texture of the undefinable ambient grants the piece stability or where the traditional-like flute tones confirm their strength by dissipating into textural warmth.

On his collaboration with Daniel, Dan Sîrbu says it “was spontaneous. First, we met in Berlin at a concert, and we just found ourselves on similar wavelengths, so we tried it. I am very grateful for this experience, as it is one of a kind.”

There are short moments of melancholy, but more often, the incredible flow of sound cultivates a profound sense of meditative status. Going deeper, “Mare Adânc” is an elixir of life, where you take refuge while lost. If the world’s weight has you down, this track will whisk you away.


Daniel Dorobanțu – electronics, keys, composer, producer, visuals
Dan Sîrbu – flute, vocals, composer
Attila Lukinich – mixing, mastering