DarkTribe – Voici L’Homme Album Review

DarkTribe – Voici L’Homme

Album Review By Rainer Kerber

The French from DarkTribe have existed since 2004. For me the most impressive thing about the band is the stability of the lineup. Three of the founding members are still active. Only guitarist Loïc Manuello is not there from the start. But at least for more than ten years. So far DarkTribe have released two albums and one EP. Most recently in July 2015, four and a half years ago. Now it’s time for the successor “Voici L’Homme”. In the press text you can read “The new album from France’s finest power-prog metal band”, but you shouldn’t take such pithy words too seriously. It is better to form your own opinion.

“A March For A Prophecy” is an intro of a better kind. Here the arc of suspense for the following album is built up. All bands who think they have to put an intro on their album should listen here. The transition to “Prism Of Memory” is seamless. If you fear from the album title that the French are singing in their mother tongue, you can sit back and relax. Anthony Agnello sings with a clear voice in accent-free English. Oh, and the sound is sweeping. Melodic hard rock as it is in the book. In addition, a class guitar solo, very melodic, without unnecessary prickling. The title song “Voici L’Homme” is a real fun. The vocals are quieter, almost ballad-like. Plus, melodic guitars. But then “A Silent Curse” starts firing more. The tempo doesn’t want to match the song title. There are hard riffs on the ears and a driving drum play. Another tip is the rhythmic “Under The Tree Of Life” with its excellent guitar hooks. Every now and then bass melodies come to the fore. “According To Darkness” then tends towards melodic Speed Metal. The guitars roar tremendously. “The Hunger Theory” starts acoustically. Later, synth strings set in. A beautiful power ballad, with an amazing guitar solo. And melodically so varied that the length of more than seven and a half minutes is not noticeable. And the album ends with another speed cracker (“Symbolic Story”).

DarkTribe was previously unknown to me. And because of the headline of the press text, it almost stayed there. But the French don’t play progressive metal. Instead, the listener can expect fifty-two minutes of the finest melodic hard rock. Skilfully recorded by experienced musicians. “Voici L’Homme” is a first highlight of the still young year 2020.

DarkTribe – Prism Of Memory (Lyric Video): https://youtu.be/AkiF8CSPVKI


Bruno Caprani – Bass
Julien Agnello – Drums
Anthony Agnello – Vocals
Loïc Manuello – Guitars

Label: Scarlet Records

Out: January 17th, 2020

Playing time: 52:02

Track list:

  • A March For A Prophecy
  • Prism Of Memory
  • Voici L’Homme
  • A Silent Curse
  • Faith And Vision
  • Back In Light
  • Under The Tree Of Life
  • According To Darkness
  • The Hunger Theory
  • Symbolic Story

Rating : 8.5/10

MHF Magazine/Rainer Kerber