Death Metallers Omophagia release new single/video

Brutal death metal outfit Omophagia release new video/single ‘Thoughts of the Earth’

Album Rebirth In Black out now via Unique Leader

Brutal death metal outfit Omophagia have released a blistering new single ‘Thoughts of the Earth’, taken from their album, Rebirth In Black, out now via Unique Leader Records.

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The band comment: “One of the heavier songs off our new album Rebirth In Black. This song is one of our favourites to play live, and the lyric video was made by our bassist, Rafa. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!”

Omophagia‘s name relates to the consumption of raw flesh, so it’s no surprise that the death metal horde tear through skin and bone with razor sharp precision. Following on from their 2019 Unique Leader release 646965Rebirth In Black is the latest soul crushing offering from the Swiss-Brazillian death metallers. The eleven track album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Kohlenkeller Studio(Aborted, Benighted, Cytotoxin) with accompanying album artwork created by Stefan Skjoedt

Forming in 2006, Omophagia hail from Switzerland and comprise of a world class group of Swiss and Brazilian musicians. Their first demo, Devouring Raw Flesh (2008) reaped the critical acclaim of the extreme metal underground and led to various live club shows, as well as festival spots nationwide and abroad opening for the likes of Morbid Angel,Kataklysm and Keep Of Kalessin. At the close of 2009, Omophagia recorded their Guilt By Nescience (2010)debut. Mixed and mastered at Hertz Studio in Poland, the record earned the approval of Metal HammerMagazine who awarded the offering “Demo Of the Month” status hailing, “brutal blasting drums meets massive, buzzing riffs, framed by soulful leads, rounded off by classic deep-growled vocals. Rhythmical variability and a well-balanced sound make Guilt By Nescience a record for friends of brutal sounds on a technical high level.

Their sickeningly ferocious follow-up album In The Name of Chaos (2016) then saw the band go out on tour alongside Morgoth and Incantation. In 2019 Omophagia released 646965 to critical acclaim worldwide. Since then the international five-piece have staked a pretty brutal claim within the world of extreme metal, renowned for their breakneck speed, ruthless extremity and intensity, having toured with the likes of NileHate Eternal and Vitriol.

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1. Intro
2. The Consequences Of Guilt
3. Redemption In Self-Destruction
4. Rebirth In Black
5. The Plague
6. Thoughts Of The Earth
7. Serve As Slave
8. Insights Of A Dying Man
9. All For None
10. Time Tells
11. I Live For Your Death