Deception – The Mire

After a well-received full-length / EP, we started with reasonably blank sheets on the actual writing process of this album. Lack of bassist led to an even more focused writing process where we could reinvent ourselves. Epidemic felt more like a transition album that led to what we could really achieve. An even more polished machinery was the result of the development.

We had some riffs in stock from the Epidemic writing session, but 95% of what was left written was made entirely from scratch with a new concept on the horizon. It happened for the most part in the rehearsal room with a common vision of what we should make: The most ambitious bunch of songs we could imagine. Because that is the word that best describes this album. Ambitious.

Some of the songs were almost self-written, while some required more work. We wrote one of the songs together with Christian, who had been playing bass with us live for a while. Some were also written in the bedroom. That said, all the songs had to go through a filter in all the members to be considered good enough.

When the songs were finished, we went straight into Lydplaneten Studio to record drums with Tory Raugstad. After a lot of positioning of sound and preparation of recording files, we were able to record all the drums in about a day and a half. The drums were then sent on to Martin Skar Berger for fine tuning before recording the rest.

On his own for fun, Sindre had practiced with writing orchestral parts for some of the songs. This turned out during the recording process to be one of the biggest changes we ended up doing on this record. Full orchestra, organ, choir and all possible instruments you can imagine were added to the project. This made the record bigger, filled with more layers and not least even more special. Sindre and Hans sat for many hours to put in what needed to get the best possible result.

On bass we got Stian Gundersen from Blood Red Throne, You Suffer and Son of a Shotgun. He had had 3 weeks to get ready and did all the bass on a weekend. To quote how tired he was the first day: “Beer, kebab pizza and a little sleep, then you can handle everything”.

Everything was recorded, and we sent the rest of the raw files to Martin. Martin is a magician without equal. He understood the vision right away. He began to feel like the last member after how much soul he put into mixing this. He ended up producing a little too. He gave us tips on what to do on some of the songs. It was then sent to Robin Leijon for mastering.

We also got some cool guests on this album. Teemu Mäntysaari fra Wintersun was one of them and he did perhaps one of our favorite solos ever on this album. Attila Vörös who has played in Satyricon, Nevermore, Tyr and Sanctuary also joined with a guest solo. Bolt from Blood Red Throne also sang on a song. Everyone who did guest appearances did an absolutely formidable job pushing this record even harder.


Deception is a death metal band from Stavanger established in 2012. Deception have toured throughout Europe with big names such as Testament, Insomnium, Nile and Kvelertak. The band consists of three hungry guys in their early 20s always on the hunt to get bigger and better! The band has built a solid reputation domestically but is now ready to take the next step to the international metal scene. The album release Epidemic (2018) resulted in access to the biggest metal lists on Spotify, and several tours in Norway, Denmark and UK! There are high hopes for Deception’s latest album, The Mire. The album is OUT NOW. Inspired by bands like Septicflesh, Blood Red Throne and Hypocrisy the sound is even more massive than their first album. The Mire will hopefully lead Deception to where they belong among the elite death metal bands in Europe!

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