Decibel Is Now Streaming NIHILIST DEATH CULT’s Album “Death To All Tyrants”

Decibel Is Now Streaming NIHILIST DEATH CULT’s (members ex-Pestilence, Abyss, Tribe of Pazuzu, Soulstorm) Hardcore Punk Debut Album “Death To All Tyrants”

Produced by Scott Middleton (ex-Cancer Bats)

Photo Credit – Ron Sumners (ex-Slaughter drummer)

Decibel is now streaming “Death To All Tyrants”, which is the debut album from Canada’s Nihilist Death Cult (members ex-Pestilence, Abyss, Tribe of Pazuzu, Soulstorm). In the veins of punk, hardcore, and a little bit of grind, the album is 14 minutes of relentless music and direct lyrics that will grab you by the throat and refuse to let go. It also features guest solo appearances by Randy Harris (Tribe of Pazuzu) on “Obey & Consume” and Ian Mumble (Overthrow) on “You Get What You Deserve”. The lyrics attack the news media and societal conformity, the endless repetitive process of buying and consuming, and talk about slimy people who prey on others.

Bassist/vocalist Nick Sagias started the band in 2018, he cites that he strives to keep an element of annunciation in the vocals so that it’s easier to make out what he’s singing while he still retains a raw, death-punk style of vocals. The music was intentionally written to be savage and relentless and NDC feels they get their point across, conveying through a high-intensity, visceral experience, that is not intended for casual listeners. Sagias comments on the album:

“When we were ready to record, I started looking for someone to produce it and I was looking somewhat local, but not limited to, then I found Scott Middleton early on in the search and when I contacted him he just left the studio he was working at in Hamilton and building his own studio at his new place, but it wasn’t ready yet, so that pushed back our recording a few months, but in the end, it was all worth it. Scott was excellent to work with and helped us a lot by hearing things we didn’t hear, that’s what a good producer does and it was a great experience working with him.”

“Death To All Tyrants” was produced, mixed, and mastered by Scott Middleton (ex-Cancer Bats) and the album artwork was done by Gragoth. It is recommended for fans of early Bad Brains, Nails, and CroMags.

Listen to “Death To All Tyrants” in full via its album stream premiere on Decibel Magazine HERE.

The album will be available on all platforms on December 2, 2022.

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Track Listing:
1. Follow The Money (1:06)
2. Hunting For Prey (1:38)
3. Obey & Consume (1:55)
4. Wake Up! (0:57)
5. Death To All Tyrants (1:25)
6. Ready For War (2:07)
7. Imperium (1:49)
8. Is This Progress? (2:01)
9. You Get What You Deserve (1:04)
Album Length: 14:07

Album Recording Band Line Up:
Nick Sagias – Bass/Vocals
John Sagias – Drums
Ethan Bolduc – Guitar

Live Band Line Up:
Nick Sagias – Bass/Vocals
John Sagias – Drums
Ethan Bolduc – Guitar
Rick Kowalski – Guitar

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