DEE CALHOUN Announces New Album

Singer/songwriter/author Dee Calhoun – the voice of Spiral Grave and the final voice of doom legends Iron Man – has announced the release of “Old Scratch Comes to Appalachia,” his fourth solo album.

Coming on June 23rd, the album will coincide with the release of Dee’s fifth book, “Old Scratch Comes to Appalachia (four devilish novelettes).”  CD1 of the two-disc set will feature ten songs, while CD2 will feature the audiobook of the title novelette, read by the author.

Written during COVID lockdowns, the songs on OSCtA include a number of non-traditional stringed instruments such as cigar box guitars, shovel guitars, and diddley bows. Again joining Dee are bassist Louis Strachan and percussionist Rob Calhoun (who sings lead vocals on two tracks).

“Old Scratch Comes to Appalachia” will be released by Argonauta Records on CD and DIGITAL, and “Old Scratch Comes to Appalachia (four devilish novelettes)” will be available from Kindle Direct Publishing, each on June 23rd

1.      The Day the Rats Came to Town
2.      Verachte Diese Hure
3.      A Wish in the Darkness
4.      New Modern World
5.      Conjured
6.      Pulse
7.      Self-Inflicted
8.      Stand With Me
9.      All I Need is One
10.    Old Scratch Comes to Appalachia

Known to the doom metal community as “Screaming Mad Dee,” and as the final voice of doom legends and Rise Above Recording Artists IRON MAN, Dee Calhoun began his musical journey in the early 1980s. Now, over four decades later, he has found worldwide recognition as one of the genre’s most powerful voices and lyricists.

In 2016, Dee signed as a solo artist with Italy’s Argonauta Records, and has released four albums: Rotgut (2016), Go To the Devil (2018), Godless (2020), and Old Scratch Comes to Appalachia (June 2023). Dee’s solo style is acoustic; swampy, murky, and bearing his signature soaring vocals. Dee also fronts Argonauta Recording Artists SPIRAL GRAVE.

In addition to music, Dee is also a published author and poet, film narrator, and has provided dramatic voice work to several audio productions by the HP Lovecraft Historical Society.