Desalmado reveals details of the new album ‘Mass Mental Devolution’

After great repercussion of the last single ‘Hollow’, the brazilian death grind group Desalmado recently released the cover of their next album entitled ‘Mass Mental Devolution‘, which has a confirmed release for October 8th with worldwide digital distribution by the European label Blood Blast Distribution. The physical versions in Brazil and Latin America will be produced by Xaninho DiscosSana Maior Records and Shinigami Records.

‘Mass Mental Devolution’ will be released on cassette tape and CD with bonus tracks in Europe via Gruesome Records. The band is expected to announce in the coming weeks how the physical material will be released in North America and Asia.

Vocalist Caio Augusttus tells more details about the release: “We were looking for labels or recorders that wanted to physically release and distribute this album, so we managed to establish this partnership between Xaninho Discos and Sana Maior with Shinigami distribution in Brazil and Latin America, as well as to also have the European release with Gruesome Records. We also managed to get the record out on digital via Blood Blast, something we didn’t expect, but it worked out really well in the end. This whole movement was very important for the band, yeah the recognition of our work and the trust placed in our sound”.

The graphic art of the album was done by artist Jeca Paul, who had already worked with the band on the ‘Save Us From Ourselves’ album. “We’ve always been very careful with the graphic part of the works, because it’s what packs the message we want to convey on each album. Jeca has a language that has a lot to do with Desalmado, he managed to perfectly capture the concept of Mass Mental Devolution The record has a heavy, dense atmosphere and we were all going through difficult times personally while we were writing the record. When Jeca sent the first cover version we already approved and we didn’t ask for any changes. an incredible job for Desalmado!”, explains bassist Bruno Teixeira.

Desalmado released two singles from ‘Mass Mental Devolution’ this year, showing a bit of what’s to come on his new release. The songs “Your God, Your Dictator” and the aforementioned “Hollow” are available on all digital platforms.

Formed in 2004, Desalmado is today at the forefront of the national underground scene, being one of the most active and relevant bands today. Celebrating 17 years on the road in 2021, the band has accumulated great achievements in its history, with three tours in Europe and hundreds of shows in all regions of Brazil. 

Recently, Max Cavalera (Cavalera Conspiracy, Soulfly and ex-Sepultura) cited Desalmado as one of the highlights of the heavy music scene.

Check out the band’s discography: ‘Hereditas’ (2008),’ Desalmado ‘(2012),’ Estado Escravo ‘(2014),’ In Grind We Trust ‘(split album with the band Homicide, 2016)’ Save Us from Ourselves’ (2018) and ‘Rebellion’ (2020).

Genre:  Death Grind


01 – Mass Mental Devolution
02 – Across the Land
03 – Praise the Lord and Kill People
04 – Hollow
05 – Unity
06 – My Own Enemy
07 – Outsiders
08 –  Your God, Your Dictator

Producer: Hugo Silva

Sound engineer: Otavio Rossato

Mastering and Mixing: Hugo Silva

Recording studio: Family Mob Studio

Cover Artwork:  Jeca Paul

Photography:  Maya Melchers

Videography: Head Label Audiovisual

Line up:
Caio Augusttus (vocals)
Estevam Romera (guitar)
Bruno Teixeira (bass)
Ricardo Nützmann (drums)