Destruction ‘Born To Perish’ Album Review

Destruction ‘Born To Perish’

Album Review By Adam McCann

Nuclear Blast Records/Thrash Metal

Destruction are enjoying something of a renaissance; the band had hit their stride again with the excellent ‘Under Attack’ album in 2016 and the German titans have worked almost endlessly since building up to their latest album ‘Born To Perish’.

As expected, ‘Born To Perish’ follows in exactly the same format as their previous album, it is a hard hitting album of pounding Teutonic thrash metal. The sound that Destruction have captured with this release demonstrates that even 35 years on, the band are not only riding with a full tank but are also relevant and to the point; in fact, Schmier hasn’t sounded this good in years. Tracks such as ‘Betrayal’, ‘Rotten’. ‘Ratcatcher’ and the title track have everything that any fan of Destruction could ever want, terrorising thrashing riffs and driving drumbeats which almost manage to form pits of their own accord. Yet, it is the thrashing anthem ‘Butchered For Life’ alongside ‘Fatal Flight 17’ where Schmier and company show that they are more than capable of still honouring their fans with the former and write contemporary thrash songs about saddening current affairs, giving it the dignity and respect it deserves with the latter.

However, with ‘Born To Perish’ there isn’t anything here that Destruction have never done before, but that is part of the magic of this album, the band have delivered an album which shows the band sticking to its guns and bearing down full throttle. So, what does the listener get ‘Born To Perish?’, it’s another Destruction that is difficult to not love and therefore should be enjoyed as such.

Rating : 81/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann