DIABOLISCHES WERK release single/video “Banner Of Doom”

From the depths of the underground, DIABOLISCHES WERK arises to unleash “Banner Of Doom”, the first video from this newly formed trio. This pandemic band (as in, formed during that period), consisting of Endstille, Tauthr and Dysangelium (GER) members, among other bands, play an unholy and destructive form of death/thrash metal.

Freshly signed to UPRISING!, and warming up for their debut album release later in the year, Diabolisches Werk take no prisoners in “Banner Of Doom”, a single that forewarns the world of the impending Armageddon.

Check out the digital single of “Banner Of Doom” or the official video of the song in UPRISING! Records Youtube page here 

“Diabolisches Werk” means and is the work of the devil.

Formed in the pandemic October of 2020, the band is pure musical blasphemy, combining death and thrash metal in its most brutal form.

The members Pissmark (guitar & bass), Knochenmark (guitar & vocals) and Smellhammer (drums & vocals) have been active in the extreme music scene for decades, e.g. in bands like Endstille, Tauthr, Dysangelium (Ger), etc.

“Beast” was recorded in December 2020 and contains seven unholy songs.

Appreciate the Beast!

“Beast” will be released in digital, LP, and CD formats by UPRISING! Records in November 2021.

Line up:
Pissmark: guitar, bass
Knochenmark: guitar, vocals
Smellhammer: drums, vocals