Diamond Head ‘The Coffin Train’ Album Review

Diamond Head ‘The Coffin Train’

Album Review By Adam McCann

Silver Lining Music/Heavy Metal

In 2016, Diamond Head returned to the forefront of heavy metal, not only had they delivered one of the best albums of that year with their self-titled album; but it can be heavily debated that they also delivered the album of their career. Therefore, the pressure was now on for the NWOBHM stalwarts to keep up with the pace that they had set with their latest album ‘The Coffin Train.

Who would have thought that ‘The Coffin Train’ could even come close to holding a candle to their last album? As previous, their latest offering wastes no time in battering down the speakers. This album delivers a huge slab of that classic Diamond Head sound whilst expanding on the more progressive elements that were laid down previously. Brian Tatler never needs to showboat to show his pedigree, naturally delivering riff after riff like the consummate professional that he is with the band even generating Sabbath style romps at times. However, once again, the plaudits go to vocalist Rasmus Bom Andersen, if ‘Diamond Head’ demonstrated that he has vocal prowess, then ‘The Coffin Train’ shows not only can he sing, but also be a modern vocal master. There are tracks here such as ‘Belly Of The Beast’, ‘The Phoenix’ and the ‘The Messenger’ which begin life with that classic Diamond Head beat, but soon take on a life of their own, morphing into something else almost entirely with Andersen even sounding like Chris Cornell during the epically slow burning title track.

Diamond Head have hit a late career purple patch and of course, new albums from Tool and Slipknot will have passing metal fans drooling with excitement. But for those truly in the know, ‘The Coffin Train’ is the real deal; this album will not only be riding high at the end of the year, but may even claim the number one spot. Watch this space.

Rating : 93/100

MHF Magazine/Adam McCann