Diipsilence – The Ten

“The Ten” is an impression of memories and scenery. Each track in “The Ten” is made from field recordings of different places, such as some national parks that I travelled to. I collected these field recordings for around 5 years, during the pandemic I finally had time to edit the samples, put them into modular/granular/wavetable synth to design my own instruments, and made them into music. I hope you like it!

“The Boulder” is coming from the field recordings of Joshua Tree National Park, the “hitting rock” foley sound is designed into a cricket-like sound effect, a flowy mallet, together with a dreamy piano, to bring out the tranquillity of the scenery.

“The Beasts” is made from an animal sound in Yellowstone National Park, the bird chirps are twisted into unrecognizable ape wailing sounds, and this is the only track that contains vocal in this album.

“The Koi” is a placid flowy piece, written with the field recordings of Alaska’s glacier. The crackling of ice and the flowing of the river, combined with a peaceful melody of hang drum, as if there were a koi flying in the sky.

Streaming Links for “The Ten”: https://smarturl.it/the-ten

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Music style tags: experimental electronic, chillstep, downtempo, new age, electronica, experimental, chillout, ambient electronic, world music, easy-listening