Diokane is under the influence of extreme and heavy albums on new video

Diokane (crookedcore from Brazil) is under the influence of extreme and heavy albums on new video

Directly influenced by the desire to keep things going during restrictions that the coronavirus pandemic has imposed, Diokane releases its third videoclip. The track choosed to be on screen is ‘Under the Influence’, from the EP “This Is Hell We Shall Believe” — the other official videos available are ‘Descreditado’ e ‘The Light that Makes Us Blind’.

Within less than a minute, ‘Under the Influence’ takes references from death metal and hardcore on its instrumental parts. The lyric is a compilation of albums names, organized in a way to create a narrative that depicts the legacy of brutality in which humankind lives till nowadays. Those records or their creators helped Diokane to compose its palette of extreme sounds, in some way or another.

The sequence of images shows the cover artworks over footage of the quartet playing live. Diokane’s bass player Eduardo Rutkowski is responsible for editing and finishing processes, while the drummer Gabriel kverna Mota plays the role of art director.

Watch it here:

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=> Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/diokaneDK666/

=> Bandcamp: http://diokane.bandcamp.com

=> Spotfy: https://spoti.fi/2NgPnJz

=> Youtube: https://bit.ly/2CXJoF3

About Diokane:

Diokane — as the italian word (diocane) from where the band’s name came from — it’s anger shaped as music. It’s a blatant reaction that arises from an uncontrolled situation. It’s a noisy insult to curse dissafactions and also soften the wrath that consumes our carcass as scabs. It’s the dog that barks to annoy your blessed life. And, last but not least, it’s hideous rock’n’roll made by underdogs. It’s evil sounds to make you shake!

Grouped since 2016, the quartet makes a cross-referencing of punk / hardcore and metal that disobeys traditional classifications of heavy music. It’s a music breed without pedigree howled by people who enjoy Napalm Death, Ratos de Porão, Circle Jerks, Snot, Rotting Christ, Ramones, Strife, Motörhead, Converge, Sepultura, Sarcófago, The Stooges and Racionais MC’s.

The band is: Duduh Rutkowski (bass), Gabriel ‘Kverna’ Mota (drum), Homero Pivotto Jr. (vox) e Rafael Giovanoli (guitar).

Diokane is the pack that bites your common sense on this mondo cane!

Live videos:

=> As opening act for Max & Iggor Cavalera (playing just ‘Beneath the Remains’ and ‘Arise era songs): https://bit.ly/2lEp2ZU

=> Live on the studio playing ‘Born with a Curse’:https://bit.ly/2BVACV5

=> Live on the studio playing ‘Rushing’: https://bit.ly/2WT4WNn

=> Live on TV (Programa Radar): https://bit.ly/2IppXGx

(2017) and  https://bit.ly/2ZMJeZl (2019)

=> As opening act for Ratos de Porão (2017): https://bit.ly/33LDlNT.

=> ‘The Light that Makes Us Blind’ and ‘Descreditado’ (live at Casa Obscura)— https://bit.ly/2kkddYV

=> ‘Under the Influence’ (live at Casa Obscura)— https://bit.ly/2lYZKG9

=> As opening act for for Brujeria: ‘Intro/The Light that Makes Us Blind’ and ‘Born with a Curse’ (https://bit.ly/38oLA52), ‘Intro/Under the Influence’, ‘My Blood’ and ‘Certezas?’ (https://bit.ly/2YvzhPT), ‘Soterrado’ and ‘Days of Summer’ ( https://bit.ly/2seSpoU).