Dirty Mitts – ‘You Better Run (Villains Theme)’



You can scrub and scrub…but the Dirt just won’t come off 🤘

With thumping energy, crashing drums, and raucous vocals, Dirty Mitts leave no stone unturned in their decisively powerful and high-octane output. The band have decades of experience between them and their love of loud, old school rock n’ roll brought the quartet together with members hailing from Poland, Egypt and the UK! And with a flurry of bold and electrifying live shows under their belt already, the London-based outfit are looking to kick out the jams as they deliver the follow up to their blistering tracks ‘My Show’ and ‘Ball & Chain’, with the release of their brand new single ‘You Better Run! (Villains Theme)’. Those two previous releases garnered over 1000 radio plays across the globe and delivered over 20,000 streams on Spotify!

New single ‘You Better Run! (Villains Theme)’
will be released on Friday 2nd June
at 00:00 GMT across all streaming platforms.

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“You Better Run is a song inspired by the action and epic scale of the first few Marvel films (hence the artwork on our single cover). The rock songs underscoring the battle sequences in Iron Man led me to pick up my guitar and write the opening riff. This song imagines a world in which people with superpowers have never been seen before. A winged man comes down from the sky and is ‘the first one of our kind’. Just like in the films, the army turn up unaware of how best to handle the situation. Before taking the time to find out whether these powers are forces for good or evil, the army open fire and carnage ensues. We’ll never know whether or not our ‘boy of flight’ had good intentions, as the open aggression from humanity ignites in him a fierce need for revenge. Our superhuman turns supervillain and emerges victorious. The song was written nearly a decade ago but it didn’t have anywhere near the raw power it has now. Although the lyrics themselves remain unchanged, the punchy riffs and musical structure have been greatly improved by the new members of this band.” – Tommy Balaam (Dirty Mitts)

Track written by Dirty Mitts
Recorded and produced by JBJ Studios


Dirty Mitts are:
Tommy (vocals) Matt (bass) Mo (guitars) Mateusz (drums)