Dream Theater’s keyboard wizard, Jordan Rudess goes acoustic with guitar duo from down under.

Opal Ocean, an independent guitar duo from Melbourne Australia, couldn’t believe it when
keyboard master Jordan Rudess responded to their Instagram request to feature on Opal
Ocean’s sophomore album.

The aptly named track “Polycephaly”, literally meaning multiple heads, was written as a
tribute to Dream Theater and their influence on the duo’s witting style. The 7:36min
instrumental track was released in mid-November last year and since it has been one of Opal
Oceans more popular tracks on streaming services.

With Melbourne facing ongoing challenges with lockdowns, production for a music video had
been pushed back until now. The clip was filmed in Melbourne’s iconic Forum Theater and
Jordan was interspliced throughout the video, rocking out in the comfort of his home studio.
The clip also features footage of Jordan playing the face melting solo live on stage at one of
Dream Theater’s sound checks during their last European Tour. Jordan’s presence can also be
felt throughout the video with shots of a remote-controlled MIDI grand piano in the middle
of the stage. It appears to be enchanted by the wizard and be playing itself!

All in all, Alex Champ and Nadav Tabak say that they feel pretty honored to have one of their
idols immortalized on a song with them and that they are very excited to share the video with
their fans and Dream Theater patrons.

Stay Tuned to experience the magic on the release of the video \\m//