Dream Unending Stream “Tide Turns Eternal” (Full Album) via Decibel



“…Tide Turns Eternal… splits the difference between lumbering death-doom and glistening post-rock.” – Brooklyn Vegan

“Tide Turns Eternal… builds a new world… it’s divine intoxication…” – Spin

“A terrifying, dreamy trip through the never.” – Metal Injection

“…tugs at your heart strings with doom metal riffs, with gothic hints of My Dying Bride and Anathema sprinkled throughout for good measure. The guitar work is incredibly heavy and joyful, yet somber and crestfallen: an excellent dichotomy in sound.” – Invisible Oranges

Dream Unending, the pairing of Tomb Mold’s Derrick Vella and Innumerable Forms’ Justin DeTore, stream their debut album, Tide Turns Eternal (Nov. 19, 20 Buck Spin) via Decibel Magazine (https://www.decibelmagazine.com/2021/11/17/full-album-stream-dream-unending-tide-turns-eternal/).

“When we started discussing writing songs together we made a conscious decision to reject modern doom tropes found in the underground and opted to look at it from another angle,” Vella explains. “What that angle was, we didn’t know until the songs took form. We rejected the murky and favoured a bright and warm approach while retaining the heavy and emotive aspects of the genre. We wanted to make slow music that was engaging and didn’t dwell, we embraced 12-string electric passages that shine instead of acoustics. We opted to offer a glimmer of hope instead of piling on to the bleak that is so easily accessible. We didn’t feel restricted by any outside factors. The beauty of a debut is if you let go of expectations outside of your own, you can set a tone true to yourself. You create an identity, so to speak. I don’t think we knew this would be the end result, but it exceeds our expectations. We play Dream Doom.”

Tide Turns Eternal pre-orders are available now via the 20 Buck Spin webstore and Bandcamp. The 7-track, 45-minute album is set for a Nov. 19 release (digital/CD/CS) with vinyl slated for a Feb. 4 release. The collection is available on several limited-edition vinyl color variants (exclusive to the 20 Buck Spin webstore) with Decibel Magazine’s exclusive variant now sold out.

Vella and DeTore’s music has been championed by a wide range of outlets including NPR, Rolling Stone, Decibel, Pitchfork, and The Needle Drop amongst others. Tides Turns Eternal sees the musicians expand into entirely new and unexpected directions, composing songs that drift between emotional states both forlorn and uplifting. Ascendant Floydian guitar textures and sparkling Cure-esque strumming lift the music out of the purely metal realm, where moody rock introspection allows for Elysian respite before DeTore’s world crushing roar assures no escape from earthly tumult is certain.

Tide Turns Eternal track list:

  1. Entrance
  2. Adorned In Lies
  3. In Cipher I Weep
  4. The Needful
  5. Dream Unending
  6. Forgotten Farewell
  7. Tide Turns Eternal
Photo courtesy of 20 Buck Spin (Left to right: Derrick Vella, Justin DeTore)