EDUARD BANULESCU – single “Long Time Ago” from upcoming EP “Bontida”.

“Long Time Ago” is the latest single by Eduard Banulescu. It is due to be included on the “Bontida” EP. 

It’s a song about roots and commitments, in an age where both are disappearing. “Long Time Ago” is a protest song.

It’s a tune about the dissolution of meaningful relationships in the age of “I, me, mine”.  

Bontida is a small town on the foothills of Transylvania. Eduard has roots there. They echo back into the song.  

“Long Time Ago” is part of a larger project that includes two EPs, “Bontida” and “Berlin”.

The geographic locations represent to attempt to balance traditional with balance, comfort with ambition.  

The song was written by Eduard Banulescu and all instruments were performed by him.

The song was produced by esteemed Romanian producer/musician Florian Sprinceana.