Electric Mob announces album “2 Make U Cry & Dance”

Electric Mob announces album “2 Make U Cry & Dance” and releases music video for “By The Name (nanana)”

Second studio record of Curitibans maintains a successful partnership with the international label Frontiers Music and will be available on January 27 on all platforms

Curitiba-based band ELECTRIC MOB announced the release of their second studio album, “2 MAKE U CRY & DANCE” , for January 27, by the international label FRONTIERS MUSIC . The music video for the single “BY THE NAME (NANANA)” can be seen at the link below.

The new album is the successor to the acclaimed “DISCHARGE” (2020), which was hugely successful in Brazil and abroad, placing ELECTRIC MOB among the biggest revelations of modern rock. In this way, “2 MAKE YOU CRY & DANCE” works as a faithful portrait of the sound evolution of Curitibans and points to more serious and profound themes.

LINK TO PRE-SAVE THE ALBUM: https://orcd.co/2makeucry

According to talented vocalist RENAN ZONTA , ELECTRIC MOB fans can expect an even bolder and louder sound for this new record.

“People can expect Electric Mob to remain Electric Mob. That is, bold, audacious and noisy. It’s a very rocky record. As in the case of ‘Discharge’, this new album is a reflection of the moment we are living. Of all the good and bad experiences. We are a band that tends to work a lot with the things around us. I feel that the lyrics are deeper, sentimental and even more acidic”, reflected the vocalist.

Guitarist Ben Hur Auwarter explains that the sound of “2 MAKE YOU CRY & DANCE” was not thought out intentionally.

“We never thought, ‘Oh, we have to do something that sounds different.’ Of course, there is a natural part of change, as we write music according to what we are living. If you watched one more movie in your life, it will influence you in some way. But this reasoning was not thought out intentionally. Basically, we pick up where we left off in ‘Discharge’. It came from us getting together and writing,” he explained 

In October, ELECTRIC MOB released the music video for “SUN IS FALLING”, the first single from the new album. Now it was the turn of the hit “BY THE NAME (NANANA)” to win a special music video directed and edited by BEN HUR himself.

The light and relaxed production shows hilarious images of the band working (and having fun) in the studio and transports the viewer into this totally uncompromising environment with seriousness full of striking melodies, modern riffs and torn vocals.


Formed in Curitiba by RENAN ZONTA (vocals), BEN HUR AUWARTER (guitar), YURI ELERO(bass) and ANDRÉ LEISTER (drums), ELECTRIC MOB drew attention for its proposal to rescue the hard rock of the 1970s and 1980s with modern influences. and different.

In 2020, with the release of “ DISCHARGE ”, the band topped the US charts with the hit “ DEVIL YOU KNOW ”. In early 2022, ELECTRIC MOB fans were finally able to check out the group in action on the “ DISCHARGE TOUR ”, which passed through several cities in Brazil and showed the strength of compositions such as “ YOUR GHOST ” and “ HIGHER THAN YOUR HEELS ”. 

1. Sun Is Falling Down
2. Will Shine
4. By The Name (nanana)
5. Soul Stealer
6. 4 letters
7. Locked n Loaded
8. Saddest Funk Ever
9. Thy Kingdom Come
10. Love Cage
11. WATCH ME (I’m Today’s News)

Renan Zonta – Vocals
Ben Hur Auwarter – Guitar
Yuri Elero – Bass
André Leister – Drums

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