ELECTRIC MOB finally announces tour of the album “DISCHARGE ”

ELECTRIC MOB finally announces tour of the album “DISCHARGE ” with dates inBrazil of the long-awaited debut promotion tour, which goes with songs like “ DEVIL YOU KNOW ”,“YOUR GHOST ” and “ HIGHER THAN YOUR HEELS ” to several cities in Brazil. Check out all the DISCHARGE TOUR performances on the flyer below: TICKETS PURCHASE AND SALE INFORMATION FOR ALL TOUR DATES CAN BE FOUND AT THIS LINK: https://bnds.us/s6g30x The album “

DISCHARGE ”, released via FRONTIERS MUSIC SRL , has reached an impressive 3.5 million plays on Spotify and has been on the best of 2020 list in dozens of webzines. Furthermore, the hit “ DEVIL YOU KNOW ” debuted in the United States in 2021, reaching prominent positions on the Billboard Indicator Charts there. 

Now, after two years of a pandemic, the members of ELECTRIC MOB can finally hit the road and show what they came for on the Brazilian stages, before releasing their second album, scheduled for the end of this year.