EMPIRE DROWNS: debut full-length album “Nothing” Out

Delivering a tasteful blend of old-school doom/death-laden metal and dark, gothic rock, Denmark’s EMPIRE DROWNS has finally released their debut album, following the 2013 EP “Bridges”. 

On “Nothing” the band has aimed for a heavier approach to their doom metal, and Marco Angioni at Angioni Studios (Tygers Of Pan Tang, Detest, Thorium etc.) was told to capture a sound close to the early nineties where The Academy Studio in the UK was the place where bands in this genre would prefer to record. Albums that have inspired the sound on “Nothing” include “As The Flower Withers”, “Gothic” and “Serenades”. 

“Nothing” is characterized by an intense rhythm section and soaring, melodic guitar work, atmospheric keyboards, which together with the, at the same time, grim, growling vocals, create a heavy and captivating mood. 

As songwriters Empire Drowns showcases a refreshing diversity. Every song comes to life with its own unmistakable identity, yet this exploration of different musical paths results in an integral and pensive sound that Empire Drowns can proudly call their own. 

Empire Drowns is made up by experienced musicians from bands like Aurora, Decorate. Decorate, Urkraft, Withering Surface, Meridian & A Sun Traverse. 

“Nothing” is out today on digital, and LP (black vinyl, limited to 300 units) via UPRISING! Records. Orders are available here. The digital format is available here.

Thomas Birk – guitars
Kim Jørgensen – drums
Anders Ro Nielsen – keys
Marco Angioni – bass
Michael Hvolgaard Andersen – vocals




“Nothing” tracklist:

A1. I Am
A2. Purity
A3. Anesthesia

B1. Nothing
B2. Gone
B3. Loved