Entering a new Universe at the Edge of Paradise

Entering a new Universe at the Edge of Paradise

By Chelf

Edge of Paradise introduced a new universe recently and enraptured planet earth. We had a chat while they embark on a journey with Sonata Arctica.

If you could choose one single thing to differentiate you from the rest of female fronted rock bands, what would that be?

We blur the lines between traditional perceptions and alternate realities, thus fracturing the continuity of time and space. We convey a deep sense of mysticism through sonic energy and elevate the listener to another world, to become one with the universe.  😉

Let’s design our grave stones. What would yours say?

I’m an alien, we don’t have gravestones, we travel through the galaxies forever endlessly morphing with the stars 😉 

Image: MARGARITA MONET’S ART which you can actually buy and proudly display.

Dragons or unicorns?

Dragons of course!

I can feel the beat drop kicking in. Are you guys taking a more upbeat, electronic approach this time?

This album is definitely the most energetic, upbeat, groove based album to date. There are industrial and electro textures, as well as symphonic elements. But it’s all about the songs, the melodies, the hooks and the message. There is a story to the album musically and lyrically, it’ll take you on an epic, thrilling, space adventure through our universe!

Band photoshoots or music video shooting?

Haha, lots of work and preparation or insane amount of work and preparation, i think it’s a tie 😉  I like both, I love creating, whatever it may be. I love photos and videos because we get to create the visual extension of the music. As the band grows, I want to film more and more elaborate videos, so they become short films, and tell stories through music and imagery.

Margarita, how do you shake off the ‘beautiful woman’ stigma? Do you feel that you have to work twice as hard to prove your worth?

Thank you for the compliment 🙂  I never really thought of that before or experienced/paid attention to the stigma, we’re a band, and we always tried to focus on creating the best content we can, and put the attention on the music. I also grew up practicing piano 5 hours a day, so the work ethic was innate in me from an early age and it just made me always want to become the best that i can, at whatever I’m doing. And there are always going to be people that try to bring you down, but that’s when you know you’re pushing the boundaries and doing something right!

You woke up as the opposite sex. What’s the first thing you would do?

Go back to bed! Hoping it was a nightmare haha, I’m just joking! I have no idea, probably I’d want to get a burger, I’ve toured with guys for a while now, they just want to eat lol! But I’ll let you know when I wake up as a guy in some other dimension 😉 

Looking forward to see you on tour!!

Thank you so much for having me, hope you guys enjoy the new album UNIVERSE and we can’t wait to see you and share our music with you live!

MHF Magazine/Chelf