Epinikion Released Debut Album “Inquisition”

The time has come: sympho metal band Epinikion has launched its debut album. Strong arrangements, bombastic lines and catchy guitar riffs that have been expertly hurled onto the record by an experienced producer. An own sound that distinguishes Epinikion from the crowd in the strong competition of metal bands. Besides the variety that the various vocalists bring about on the concept album, there is a lot to experience. The reason for this pleasant diversity is the fact that ‘Inquisition’ is a rock opera set in a gothic, dark atmosphere. This does not detract from the love story with musical expressions specially written for each scene by songwriters Robert and Renate. The story, the pictures on social media, the musically strong creations and presentations, everything is right. Epinikion is rock solid, albeit a dark country house in a fairytale dark environment. This band takes you on a whirlwind, dramatic story in which everyone recognizes something of themselves


01. The Council of Troubles
02. Inquisition
03. Love So Sublime
04. Welcome to the Wonderful World of Jealousy
05. Stand Up and Fight
06. On the Brink of Despair
07. In the Middle of The Night
08. Sail Away
09. False Faced Demon
10. If I Could Turn Back Time
11. Strangers in the Dark
12. The Courage to Change

Epinkion is:
Eleonora Damiano – Vocals
Robert Tangerman – Rhythm Guitars –
Renate de Boer – Keyboards
Emre Demir – Bass